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Thailand feat. Rip Taylor
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  • HenshinFanatic
    HenshinFanatic 7 hours ago

    Love that dig at anti-vaxxers.

  • Leonard Berg
    Leonard Berg 7 hours ago

    John is right about the NHS. I used to work for it and was very impressed by the care I got and the care the hospital I worked for gave out. Both were excellent.

  • Agnus Dei
    Agnus Dei 7 hours ago

    Another example of why Americans think that they are "number one." America: a shit hole country.

  • Glenn parent
    Glenn parent 7 hours ago

    usa is a broke shit hole

  • Eros Viana
    Eros Viana 7 hours ago

    *laughs in SUS language*

  • Glenn parent
    Glenn parent 7 hours ago

    fk the colts -shove it up your azz

  • Queensthief195
    Queensthief195 7 hours ago

    You're just going to drop that bombshell about Tommy Douglass and move on? wtf!

  • Glenn parent
    Glenn parent 7 hours ago

    and fk baseball and nasa too

  • Glenn parent
    Glenn parent 7 hours ago

    who the fk gives a shit about nfl nhl bassketball---dont pay my mortgauge ----get fkin lost

  • Glenn parent
    Glenn parent 7 hours ago

    trump sks empsteins kock

  • Glenn parent
    Glenn parent 7 hours ago

    fk this trump pile of dog shit

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 7 hours ago

    If that coal billionaire is so worried about jobs why not just start some type of clean energy production facility in the same town where he's laying off coal workers? Cause he doesn't care about jobs, he cares about his own immediate profits. Fuck the planet, Go Coal.

  • Alex 7tearz
    Alex 7tearz 7 hours ago

    The problem is the government over reaching for power sure the current health care system has been trash but it's our problem not the government's

  • Fusel
    Fusel 7 hours ago

    Another huge problem in the states a out rehab is that it often strongly relies on religion, specifically Christianity. One of their steps is to accept Jesus as your lord and saviour as when their faith is strong enough God will take away their addiction. This is as much harmful as that if they fall back they blame themselves to not have enough faith, instead of addressing their psychological problem.

  • Steven Hill
    Steven Hill 7 hours ago

    John Oliver produces the funniest propaganda. Love this guy.

  • PhantasmVideoVault
    PhantasmVideoVault 7 hours ago

    Bernie's plan would call for a %52 tax increase to implement this idiotic idea! Keep in mind Hitler and all his buddies were socialists...

  • David-Aster Cousins
    David-Aster Cousins 7 hours ago

    Me in 2020 after he some how wasn’t impeached: nervous sweating

  • AJ Mazz
    AJ Mazz 7 hours ago

    Firstly he does not actually disprove any points, he simply says “it’s more complicated than that”. Guess that just outlines how he can’t get his fucking head around the actual truth about universal healthcare. Yes the buzz about it in media is overblown, and perhaps funds can be redirected from other subsidies to actually pay for universal healthcare without a tax raise but no one hears that solution 🤔.

    • AJ Mazz
      AJ Mazz 7 hours ago

      Never mind just watched more and John Oliver cheers for eugenics! I’m back on his side, love you dude 😘

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 7 hours ago

    Plus if everyone starts thinking every photo of someone on Everest is a fake, it won't be worth it for those who are just doing it for the bragging rights to go there and mess up the mountain just to end up being accused of being a fraud.

  • D Cal
    D Cal 7 hours ago

    I'm sure Last Week Tonight and John Oliver could afford a 10k donation to that kid's gofundme. You know, the kid he exploits to make his political point. But even when he circles back to her at the end, no mention of helping her meet her goal. 🤔

  • Simon Piñeiro
    Simon Piñeiro 7 hours ago

    Why would anyone dislike this video? You gotta be a scammer to not hate robocalls

  • Free Free
    Free Free 7 hours ago

    Sanders will defeat Trump, if the corrupt DNC miraculously begins COUNTING VOTES.

  • Magnus Johanson
    Magnus Johanson 7 hours ago

    Free Medicare wouldn’t work in the US because too many people are fat landwhales who caused their idiotic medical conditions by EATING GARBAGE!!!

  • Quentin Shock
    Quentin Shock 7 hours ago

    32:00 the look on John's face when he gets that news is absolutely priceless😂😂😂 it's like a combination of stoic Brit face and thinking "oh my God I can't tell if he's joking or not"

  • Kevin Saltz
    Kevin Saltz 7 hours ago

    Archer in a lab coat

  • Rob White
    Rob White 7 hours ago

    9 days in trauma , life flight , surgeons to save my life , was over 250k . 1 1/2 yrs of rehab to recover from being shot in the back and paralyzed was nearly a million dollars . Who could pay for that , especially being an innocent victim of a shooting??Our medical system is far out of control as is our justice system . Btw , medicaid paid for all of that and still to this day pays for most . The VA pay's for some as well .

  • Mike McCarthy
    Mike McCarthy 7 hours ago

    I feel like it would be productive for the John Oliver's and Ben Shapiro's of the world to actually debate each other once in a while rather than have their audiences jerk them off unquestioningly.

  • chad Jones
    chad Jones 7 hours ago

    So that family can't raise more than 10$ for a child's medical care but some guy can raise over a million for beer by holding up a sign at a football game

  • Johnny Murillo
    Johnny Murillo 8 hours ago

    These owners use their fans fears against them. Shameful, the rich get richer off of the little guy. Yet nothing is ever done about it because Right-Wing politicians use fear-mongering to divide us.

  • Ruben Loza
    Ruben Loza 8 hours ago

    48% - States rights (to choose slavery)

  • Shane M
    Shane M 8 hours ago

    Socialism entails the state controlling the means of production as they do in Venezuela. The Nordic countries are not socialist, they are run by social democrats

  • Max Headrom
    Max Headrom 8 hours ago

    I understand the need to communicate the idea, but, really ... using the word "race"? How is this still a thing?

  • Kevin McGonigle
    Kevin McGonigle 8 hours ago

    Cancer did something Vince McMahon couldn't. It got Roman over

  • Pop Films
    Pop Films 8 hours ago

    Damn Scotts! They ruined Scottland!

  • killercivic2001
    killercivic2001 8 hours ago

    KK4K !!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!! so so true !!! fascism, race supremacy ideologies at their "best", nice one aaaaah... I can't stop laughing ';D p.s. if you ever wonder why racism was mentioned... then have a look at the videos of what REALLY happens in China ;)

  • Emanuel Namseth
    Emanuel Namseth 8 hours ago

    Medicare is the reason medical care costs are so high. Most of the time medicare only covers 33% of the bill. This is why costs are triple what they actually need to be.

  • Emanuel Namseth
    Emanuel Namseth 8 hours ago

    Who would think Medicare for all is a good thing, except homeless people? People on medicare already know how much it sucks. These are my thoughts as an uninsured working American.

  • Roses and Songs
    Roses and Songs 8 hours ago

    Meanwhile in Iraq, 500,000 children died between 1991 and 2003 from lack of basic medications and untreated drinking water because of a US led embargo on pretty much anything needed to make the country take care of itself and its citizens, HALF A MILLION! Hey yankees, I hope you're proud of living in the greatest nation of earth, a nation founded on life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the insane waste of enough food to feed all those in need throughout the world. DAMN.

  • Quentin Shock
    Quentin Shock 8 hours ago

    If the internet is right, and you know how "accurate" the internet is, you owe somebody around $32 John

  • Harun Malik
    Harun Malik 8 hours ago

    Everyone who sees this comment, watch "The Slave Circle." It shows you the ins and outs of the mlms. Also, look up "Direct Marketing Devil Corp".

  • Dave Leone
    Dave Leone 8 hours ago

    Spot on John Oliver thanks!

  • Richard Ward
    Richard Ward 8 hours ago

    Add one more issue: Bottom-feeding. That's the real problem. Over the course of decades, a single payer system is left with the worst doctors diagnosing patients with the cheapest antiquated equipment. Universal? Sure. So long as it's a two payer system.

  • Peter Lane
    Peter Lane 8 hours ago

    My new tax plan: all companies that pay zero percent in taxes can't use any public services.

  • Them
    Them 8 hours ago

    Ludicrous. 10/10

  • MegaGideo
    MegaGideo 8 hours ago

    Update from the future: Only one republican Senator (Mitt Romney) voted with Democrats to impeach Trump. Trump has survived Impeachment and is now cleaning house firing anyone in the government that testified against him.

  • Slug on Rock
    Slug on Rock 8 hours ago

    Is that Lucas from stranger things? 16:35

  • Denise Eulert
    Denise Eulert 8 hours ago

    On the Ark museum, I remember a line from Bill Cosby's Noah, saying to God, "And you never even looked in the bottom of that ark! No! Who's gonna clean up that mess down there? Not me, I'm telling ya."

  • Joshua Kiser
    Joshua Kiser 8 hours ago

    I hate how we are always shown two extremes and told they are our only option. I don’t think this will be any better, just different and bad in different ways. At one point we had affordable healthcare with direct pay doctors and lodge care, something the insurance companies lobbied to ban. Switching to this won’t change the fundamental problem and something the American people refuse to see over and over. The United States government is a cheap whore that’s for sale and regularly sells us out for bribes and kickbacks. Whoever wants to buy influence and control will, no matter the system used. It will cost out the ass, just like it does now because the American public is a cash cow and Uncle Sam sells turns milking it. Whatever the new system is, the few will control it and guide its policy and make a lot of money off it. It will never serve us because our government doesn’t serve us. The insurance industry is just the biggest player and pays the most so they get served instead of us. Let me hammer that home even though no one will listen through a mountain of bots, shills and programmed die hard liberals. No system, capitalist or socialist will work because our government is for sale and only serves the buyer.

  • Biff Bifford
    Biff Bifford 8 hours ago

    This guy would never accept a medicare plan over his high-society insurance plan. I remember when Obama said we would have the same insurance as the members of congress (another lie). Congress does not want to share their insurance with the poor. 60+ million people on medicare do not wish to share their insurance with anyone else! You can't even see a doctor anymore in most clinics as the nurse practitioner is now the new normal. Let's just insure the entire world. That is what liberals want, right? Healthcare for undocumented people. I see people complaining about not being able to afford medical insurance holding their $1000.00 iPhone and 200+ dollars a month cell phone plan. What there are saying is that they don't want to pay for medical insurance because they have better use for that money. Let the government-run healthcare? Is anyone aware that MEDICARE will be broke by 2030? Does anyone know there is 80 billion a year in Medicare fraud? Who pays for this? In the year 2000, I was paying 170 dollars a month for a Cadillac medical insurance plan that today is now over 700 dollars, what happened? I see working age 19-year-olds at the dollar store with their EBT cards and Medi-Cal for insurance buying snacks to go home and play video games? Is Mr. Liberal Oliver going to pay for me to have insurance? DiCaprio and the other wealthy Hollywood elites fly around in their private jets while lecturing me on climate change and people buy into this nonsense. NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE! GET A JOB, WORK, PAY FOR YOUR EDUCATION AND INSURANCE and live without the 1000 dollar cell phone. Grow the fuck up people!

  • Max Headrom
    Max Headrom 8 hours ago

    Once I told a Swedish guy "Brazil has taxes almost as much as Sweden" and he replied: "We pay very little tax" ... then I found out he made a distinction between taxes and social security. Can anyone from Sweden tell me if this is correct? The problem in the US is that citizens are hostages of their jobs and they'll do anything to keep them - even if this means going against their own principles ... and as time passes, the principles disappear. My congratulations to Mitt Romney - a man wealthy enough to keep his principles and who actually has kept them.

  • Dan Robnett
    Dan Robnett 8 hours ago

    This warms my soul

  • Artie Rupinen
    Artie Rupinen 8 hours ago

    I'm not mad at the Donkey. I'm actually happy for it.

  • David Schwab
    David Schwab 8 hours ago

    GREAT NEWS: Yale recently published a study confirming that Medicare for All is awesome. It would be LESS expensive than our current system, yet cover more people, with better coverage, and save 65,000 lives per year. Below is the link to the file, published on The Lancet. You have to make an account to view it, but the account and the file are totally free. You can also just read the excerpt without doing anything. Please share the file with everyone who will read it; the media will either ignore or slander it, so it's up to us to disseminate it.

  • Robert Wilkes
    Robert Wilkes 8 hours ago

    I have a tremendous amount of respect for Monica Lewinsky. She is a strong, courageous, beautiful, witty young woman. She was sacrificed and burned at the stake publicly by the very politicians that SHOULD have been supportive of her: the political left and women's groups. How shameful that this remarkable young woman was lampooned in order to distract attention away from Bill Clinton's sexual predation upon a young, impressionable woman. Was Monica blameless? No. She was an adult, however young, who had an affair with a married man. But let's be frikking real here! She had the President of the United States coming on to her. The leader of the free world. Yes, she made a mistake, but a completely human, totally understandable one. Monica, I admire you, if you ever by chance happen to read this.

  • GodsPerfectFailures
    GodsPerfectFailures 8 hours ago

    head nod "Thanks"

  • Neons
    Neons 8 hours ago

    Something like the Swiss system would probably be the most doable in America

  • GodsPerfectFailures
    GodsPerfectFailures 8 hours ago

    If only they could make my genes to be skinny.

  • GodsPerfectFailures
    GodsPerfectFailures 8 hours ago

    What's eugenix?

  • Joe
    Joe 8 hours ago

    1% what? Lol

  • Raul Herrero
    Raul Herrero 8 hours ago

    If there was a country that had a better system in my opinion, I would move there! I don’t see the point in staying in a country that’s clearly inferior than another one. Plenty of other people would rather take your place, and you’d obviously rather be somewhere else. What’s stopping all these people from leaving???

  • Intrepid Explorator
    Intrepid Explorator 8 hours ago

    Organized Criminal Sedition

  • Anthea Kaplan
    Anthea Kaplan 8 hours ago

    ok though for real is the little girl ok?

  • Iggy Ig
    Iggy Ig 8 hours ago

    This comment section is extra nasty on this one.

  • Melinda Dunn
    Melinda Dunn 8 hours ago

    I broke my leg and it cost $50 in Canada. I was treated within 48 hours. I want to shove my repaired right leg up the asses of people who oppose single payer healthcare My Zumba instructor, Tia Gabby, broke her foot and went to urgent care because the insurance she had would charge her a lot if she wasn't admitted.

  • Humberto Cobian
    Humberto Cobian 8 hours ago

    No one knows who's kid is who's. Maybe if you come here then don't bring your kids here. Fuckin we have a sovereignty we have to secure and no amount of bleeding heart thinking with your emotions will change that lol. This shit won't change lol.

    • Stephen2462
      Stephen2462 8 hours ago

      It's called a DNA test, easy enough to prove. Leaving their children behind would, in all likelihood, leave them in an even worse situation. Also, there's no reason for them to do so to begin with. So you're a sociopath? Okay then.

  • I Kill Naggers
    I Kill Naggers 8 hours ago

    well excuse us god for bid you have a different view than john oliver on an issue with two good options

  • Fred Slocombe
    Fred Slocombe 8 hours ago

    Objectivisim is just an exposure of human behavior.

  • Dan Alexander
    Dan Alexander 8 hours ago

    SLAPP suits?! OMG! Does #Davie504 know about this?

  • Adam Sherman
    Adam Sherman 8 hours ago

    John Oliver the Furry. Never thought I'd type this.

  • mack cummy
    mack cummy 8 hours ago

    Glad I live in Canada.

  • Munksfan1
    Munksfan1 9 hours ago

    that guy screaming "MEDICARE" is iconic

  • Paul zozak
    Paul zozak 9 hours ago

    Was on the I35W bridge coming out of minneapolis the night before it collapsed 8/1/07 killing 13 and injuring 145

  • jayhwk01
    jayhwk01 9 hours ago

    This is exactly what I need. I British guy who fled a rotting socialist country selling me the craptiastic "care" and tax rate he fled. No thanks. My government can't count votes, figure how to run an app, or run a veterans hospital. I don't need that kind of "help". What we have is not perfect. Far far from it. Can anyone tell me a government run program that has EVER cost what the "experts" say it will. Do I really want a doctor who is directed by Washington DC. No thanks there has to be a better answer.

    FAT TIGER 9 hours ago

    Nope not British colonial law, christianity reached Africa before Europe. Africans were Christian BEFORE Europeans, so they have always been against homosexuality since ancient time.

  • Joe Martin
    Joe Martin 9 hours ago

    at 18:00, the psychic made her prediction based off of false information, that distorts the psychic realm.

  • mack cummy
    mack cummy 9 hours ago

    Why would you get your down payment refunded? You used the car and it lost value.

  • mack cummy
    mack cummy 9 hours ago

    Why are they all black?

  • mack cummy
    mack cummy 9 hours ago

    Glad I know a lot about cars

  • Mary Palmer
    Mary Palmer 9 hours ago

    LOL - too damn funny...

  • mack cummy
    mack cummy 9 hours ago

    wait, 1.5 to 2 hours each way by bus? pfft here in Canada it'd be less than half that by bus

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 9 hours ago

    im getting Captain America vibes from this one

  • Ratha
    Ratha 9 hours ago

    People need to stop acting like they know shit

  • AGT0M
    AGT0M 9 hours ago

    A quiz: Before the 6th minute of the video was history, how many times did John Oliver say "f*ck"? On another note, shouldn't people start determining and doing something about why healthcare in the US is so expensive to begin with? Does B. Sanders have a reasonable plan to address this cornerstone issue besides declaring "medicare for all" for his presidential election campain? That's a big and far from rhetorical question.

  • James Lee
    James Lee 9 hours ago

    I think I'd rather go to hell!

  • James Lee
    James Lee 9 hours ago

    Should've sent anthrax back to him.

  • Tyler Caldwell
    Tyler Caldwell 9 hours ago

    Its sad that John Oliver runs a more informative piece on M4A then any national news network ever. Thank you though for doing this love your show!

  • Lou Pend
    Lou Pend 9 hours ago

    call me a sicko socialist all you want but i think healthcare is a human right 🤙

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 9 hours ago

    Flint is one city that should be commended for this, even though a large part of the reason was a lack of education funding, they merged school districts that were probably 15-20% African American like Carmen-Answorth with ones like Flint Northern which was probably 80-90% African American.

  • Mk L
    Mk L 9 hours ago

    The people that had no idea who he is are the same morons who obsess over selfies and the Clowndashians. Which, unfortunately, are the majority. He is a hero, and is risking his life to do all of this. And for what, to be a footnote? I don't think so. What he did was not done in vain, those with intelligence know, and that's really all that counts. With that said, John Oliver figured out a way to communicate the importance of what he did in the most ridiculous way. Very effective.

    • Quentin Shock
      Quentin Shock 8 hours ago

      When I was in the hospital for depression I used the same exact analogy that John Oliver used here when I overheard the guards and a couple other patients discussing government surveillance and how much information they really do collect. I said to one of the security guards "to put this in perspective for you have you ever send a picture of your dick to your girlfriend"? When he said, kind of hesitantly, yes I told him "well they definitely have a picture of yours as well as mine and probably this other guys somewhere on record." Edit: I'm not sure if I use the term analogy in the right context but you still get what I'm saying

  • shane davis
    shane davis 9 hours ago

    They mean waiting 18 months for an MRI.

  • Katharina von Heydekampf

    What a great interview

  • Lydia Johnson
    Lydia Johnson 9 hours ago

    Thanks John for expressing the all out terror we working class and working poor Americans deal with. I am in my 50s and have always been healthy until lately. I would say I am lucky to have really good health insurance via my employer, and I do by today’s standards, but I still have a large out of pocket share of the medical bills that is breaking me. I would rather have long waits than no care at all like Americans less lucky than me.

  • nunya business
    nunya business 9 hours ago

    It took me two hours to watch this 23 minute video because I have AT&T

  • dlb dlb
    dlb dlb 9 hours ago

    Here's some truth, Trump has avoided starting any new wars. He has hawked redoing bad trade agreements of the past 3 decades. Jobs are up, unemployment is down.

  • Stem Factory
    Stem Factory 9 hours ago

    I don't want to work at a warehouse anymore you get a job there.

  • Dan Woodwick
    Dan Woodwick 9 hours ago

    Bernie's a jackass.

  • Alexandros Fotiadis
    Alexandros Fotiadis 9 hours ago

    For people who know the difference from "believe" and "understanding": Nature is beautiful, what are you doing in a city ?

  • Johnny Murillo
    Johnny Murillo 9 hours ago

    That's because these people are fuckin idiots. How could they say Jesus wants them to have these riches. When Jesus clearly preached against the rich.🤦🏻‍♂️ God these people are fuckin stupid.

  • Jeff Brown
    Jeff Brown 10 hours ago

    Sorry anyone who has a problem with a form of Medicare for all has never had to experience a friend or family member deal with a major illness or or preexisting condition. My friend who makes middle income money is finding it extremely difficult to leave her job she hates due to her preexisting condition with MS where she needs monthly treatments. The lag between insurances and uncertainty is crazy with one year to before she can qualify for short term leave with a new job is the reality people love with.

  • mack cummy
    mack cummy 10 hours ago

    I love cars and get cheap parts and fix my own car.