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A TFT Song by Nevercake
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  • AndrewPlayZ YT
    AndrewPlayZ YT 10 minutes ago

    0:29 9 year old me playing with my hot wheels

  • Kinar Fauzan
    Kinar Fauzan 13 minutes ago

    I love it this song

  • Rhcya Ralte
    Rhcya Ralte 14 minutes ago

    Where is dragon?

  • Justriel Won't Be Real
    Justriel Won't Be Real 17 minutes ago

    Legends never die, they multiply! 😅😂

  • enzo heretics bane
    enzo heretics bane 19 minutes ago


  • Bayden Lowe
    Bayden Lowe 22 minutes ago

    Does anyone know how they did the special effects? Like is it all edited in after or are they like holograms or something live on stage?

  • Bayden Lowe
    Bayden Lowe 24 minutes ago

    Does anyone know how they did the special effects? Like is it all edited in after or are they like holograms or something live on stage?

    FLEX FF 30 minutes ago

    kd os brs pra falar cmg dessa musga😔

  • Алекс Мерсер

    Kai'sa is amazing and beautiful❤❤❤ She deserved like!

  • [亗 S A M 亗]
    [亗 S A M 亗] 33 minutes ago

    This music is to 2oP🧡🖤

    1 KİŞİLİK 34 minutes ago

    Şarkı Çıktığından Beri Sıkılmadan Dinleyenler Burdamı

    AVİVA BLACK AND WHİTE 34 minutes ago


  • South [3D] Korea [2D]
    South [3D] Korea [2D] 35 minutes ago

    I can't stop laughing when the battlefield started

  • ༺CAÖS༻
    ༺CAÖS༻ 36 minutes ago

    Darkin samurái

  • Seamus Fitzgerald
    Seamus Fitzgerald 40 minutes ago

    of course I get a leagu of legends ad before this.

  • XDureen
    XDureen 40 minutes ago

    im curious if uzi watched this and wanted to play this game again cuz this is a motivition

  • Shy Cats
    Shy Cats 44 minutes ago

    This song never get old, wish hollywood make a movie series of ml ohh i love that

  • Emanuela bellani
    Emanuela bellani 45 minutes ago

    this is the best cinematic

  • Aj De Vera
    Aj De Vera 49 minutes ago


    HOLLOW KNIGHT SILKSONG 52 minutes ago

    Ох эта... Мелодия... Так завараживает...

  • GD Alexsir
    GD Alexsir 52 minutes ago

    So noone mentions how amazing Ekko's stair thing looks?

  • lord wildbeast
    lord wildbeast 58 minutes ago

    T H I C C

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow 59 minutes ago

    Watch it at speed x1.25

  • Artyom Overlord
    Artyom Overlord Hour ago


  • ༺CAÖS༻
    ༺CAÖS༻ Hour ago

    Samurái darkin pls

  • _ FuND _
    _ FuND _ Hour ago


  • ༺CAÖS༻
    ༺CAÖS༻ Hour ago

    Samurái darkin pls

  • Dracs
    Dracs Hour ago

    ah yes, nice mechanics and good duels

  • Zeynep Dumrul
    Zeynep Dumrul Hour ago

    0:18 oh dude you're so... cool

  • 徐逸詞
    徐逸詞 Hour ago


  • Fat Goring
    Fat Goring Hour ago

    Awaken my pop stars !!!

  • yourprobablyworstnightmare. feat.Monday

    tbh i don't really like k-pop but this is cool...I still don't like k-pop

  • Arrow Gaming245
    Arrow Gaming245 Hour ago

    When you realise Sylas is actually the good one..

  • Trash Panda
    Trash Panda Hour ago

    Can we just take a moment to look at this stunning animation?! I cant tell jf its cgi with 2d elements or if its stop motion with 2d elements

  • Miq Miq
    Miq Miq Hour ago

    2:48 Yasuo on the background "giants"

  • Paranoid •
    Paranoid • Hour ago

    Day 1 : What a weird song.. Day 2 : Why I'm here again?? Day 6 : *AND IGNITEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*

  • Biagio De Giovanni


  • Nico Cossio
    Nico Cossio Hour ago

    0:58 all that feelings


    Best no ads

  • Arness
    Arness Hour ago

    Bring back login screen, events and maps and old game modes

  • Ahmd
    Ahmd Hour ago

    Why is he cancer?Is it because this hero just bad or the person that play him just bad?

  • Benjamín mudra
    Benjamín mudra Hour ago


  • Vincent wews
    Vincent wews Hour ago

    Hi League of Legends the game is so great Plss continue to update We the players will continue to play this great game i love the game plss make a movie for league of legends plss

  • MrEdJepson
    MrEdJepson Hour ago

    Well... yeah, yeah? Yeah.

  • ata sever
    ata sever Hour ago


  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow Hour ago

    Legends Never Die *THEY RESPAWN*

  • KeremPRO
    KeremPRO Hour ago

    Instant Riot Explosion When Riot Makes a Song

  • Fighters Dream
    Fighters Dream Hour ago


  • Aysha Siddiqa
    Aysha Siddiqa Hour ago

    Fun fact:Everytime I play Kaisa this song plays in my computer

  • Krystal Young
    Krystal Young Hour ago

    God I love Jinx. I should play LoL again... its been YEARS... *ponder*

  • Sarinsky
    Sarinsky Hour ago


  • Mr Fantastic yellow

    Akali the shortest and yet it was hella strong it gave me goosebumps

  • Aysha Siddiqa
    Aysha Siddiqa Hour ago

    Yasuo has been nerfed Yasuo to embarrassed to sing

  • Pag su
    Pag su 2 hours ago

  • Furkan Yavuz
    Furkan Yavuz 2 hours ago

    1:02 simit çay simit simit çay peynir nerde

  • NoNameGamer
    NoNameGamer 2 hours ago

    I only know this song cuz of BeatSaber

  • Anime World
    Anime World 2 hours ago

    I just now realized the girl with the mask and bat, comes from this game lol

  • Yumiko Sakura
    Yumiko Sakura 2 hours ago

    I like this song!

  • Mohamed Amir Hssini
    Mohamed Amir Hssini 2 hours ago

    Who is here after Bard become meta ?

  • Sef Caplan
    Sef Caplan 2 hours ago

    Shingeki no KyoJhin

  • Ozan Yalçın
    Ozan Yalçın 2 hours ago

    Am a simple man. I see K-Pop, i press dislike

  • Hamish Parsons
    Hamish Parsons 2 hours ago

    Wrong pillar men theme

  • Joel Hoskonen
    Joel Hoskonen 2 hours ago

    Song: Sings "Legends Never DIE" Me: Makes a hole to the wall because too much energy

  • Tomkawi
    Tomkawi 2 hours ago

    Whan do they make an album????????

  • Aym John Harold
    Aym John Harold 2 hours ago

    5 years have passed but this story still bring sorrow to everyone who get to know his pain :<

  • Abstract Illustration

    This song will be B O P always.

  • AlexMaga_2114
    AlexMaga_2114 2 hours ago

    Че пацаны, кто тут после видосика с инсты? (кто понял тот понял. Тайм код 2:54)

  • Doggo
    Doggo 2 hours ago

    My hair stands and I get goosebumps every time I listen to this, but man it just carries so much weight, Pyke truly is a genius character

  • Francisco Galan
    Francisco Galan 2 hours ago

    When I see bugha video I have entist for is Bufha too😢

  • Andoks Tv
    Andoks Tv 2 hours ago

    In true damage have yasou and kda have ka'isa😆😆

  • CraftDoesMine
    CraftDoesMine 2 hours ago

    1:06 the coordinate!

  • B33v5
    B33v5 2 hours ago


  • 남자
    남자 2 hours ago

    이게근본인거같다 얘들아

  • Han Pritcher
    Han Pritcher 2 hours ago

    The only bad thing about this song is that it's too short. After listening to it, I feel like I want to fight someone now.

  • Репер бой
    Репер бой 2 hours ago

    го комне на реп канал

  • Роман Иваненко

    Sound Dolby Atmos

  • Lucora
    Lucora 2 hours ago

    Who has listen to this song atleast 10 times? *stil in 2020

  • Билигма Цыденова

    Это я после забора крови возле очереди

  • fix ways2
    fix ways2 3 hours ago

    mlbb only existed to fill the time before the legend arrived.

  • hockeyman 95
    hockeyman 95 3 hours ago

    Op Trash

  • Sari Ayu
    Sari Ayu 3 hours ago


  • mica batoon
    mica batoon 3 hours ago

    They should get something more comfortable to wear it totally clashes with every movement which can cause to a hard time dancing

  • Simão Silva
    Simão Silva 3 hours ago

    In 0:40 looks like Fiddlesticks is saying "Tedric killed"

  • PsicoPrime
    PsicoPrime 3 hours ago

    Nice NERF!

  • Warken
    Warken 3 hours ago

    Ugly really... Il a pas un design dans le thème de lol et j'ai plus l'impression que c'est un raté

  • Icewalker
    Icewalker 3 hours ago

    she's really hot😍😍

  • Utkan Albayrak
    Utkan Albayrak 3 hours ago

    Son sahne başlıyor.1 2 3 hahaha 4...

  • The Fox Creation
    The Fox Creation 3 hours ago

    It goes more with overwatch lore. Eh

  • Renz Carlo Bautista
    Renz Carlo Bautista 3 hours ago


  • _ FuND _
    _ FuND _ 3 hours ago

    Good story but the kit isn’t that interesting at all Just back whenever you’re marked kekw

  • Suver
    Suver 3 hours ago

    I got chills

  • Monica Bramani
    Monica Bramani 3 hours ago

    Rice rice rice eat the rice rice

  • Xd Poison
    Xd Poison 3 hours ago

    I dont like k pop at all, I have never played league in my life. But this is a masterpiece

  • Bakers
    Bakers 3 hours ago

    can we talk about how madison beer is apparently a kpop idol

  • みかんみかん
    みかんみかん 3 hours ago


  • Aticer Wolvesville
    Aticer Wolvesville 3 hours ago

    Han pasado casi dos años y aún no he podido parar de reproducirla en bucle.

  • Leo Valdez
    Leo Valdez 3 hours ago

    F Uzi

  • dragolf
    dragolf 3 hours ago

    we need a lol anime from these ppl