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  • B.O.I
    B.O.I 18 minutes ago

    I think if de bryune has to move...Barca would be best for him because of similar kind of possession based football

  • asz16581
    asz16581 29 minutes ago


  • Ranit Guin
    Ranit Guin 34 minutes ago

    Spurs 3-0 Chelsea Manc 4-0 Leicester

  • Yariel Hernández
    Yariel Hernández 57 minutes ago


  • Yariel Hernández
    Yariel Hernández 57 minutes ago

    Swear i love the background song more than any other song in the world

  • Zeus
    Zeus Hour ago

    Until Mbappe goes to a top league we'll never know how good he is

  • Zeus
    Zeus Hour ago

    Please I don't wanna see that twat sterling anywhere near a RM jersey

  • Ernesto Contreras

    At 7:42 it sounds like Matt said shut up 😂

  • Gaming Plum
    Gaming Plum 2 hours ago

    WHEN Manchester city is banned from the champions league

  • Rishab Bantiya
    Rishab Bantiya 2 hours ago

    Manchester United should Sell Pogba(130 Million) And Sign Jack Grealish(50) & Thomas Party (60).

  • Reverse videos
    Reverse videos 3 hours ago

    Are you sure that man city I’ll win against us in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL when they got banned 😏

  • AJD
    AJD 4 hours ago

    0:41 "I'm pretty sure.. maybe.." You ok Matt?

  • ankara smith
    ankara smith 4 hours ago

    Sterling: m just make them confuse...because im worry about Ramos.

  • Abhay Chauhan
    Abhay Chauhan 5 hours ago

    Chelsea 2 spurs 1

  • wohnungsnomade
    wohnungsnomade 5 hours ago

    If Sancho and Haaland would stay, they could play with Moukoko. That would be fire, so hot, you can not even imagine!

  • Rishav Sedhain
    Rishav Sedhain 6 hours ago

    Mbappe will be like modern day Ronaldo and Haland will be modern day Messi as age difference is the same 2 years.

  • abdi ahmed
    abdi ahmed 6 hours ago

    Wie so redetet nico englisch oder ich bin so besoffene. oder hat er immer englisch geredetet. Egallll

  • Natsu Kiiroi
    Natsu Kiiroi 6 hours ago

    Hahahahaha TWICEEE TWICEE 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Natsu Kiiroi
    Natsu Kiiroi 6 hours ago

    One thing for sure Dean wouldn't bet on Man City to win UCL anymore LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Niklas FCB
    Niklas FCB 7 hours ago

    I hope we can win the UCL, but I think we'll reach the semis and then every tie is a coin flip

  • Roy Davidovitch
    Roy Davidovitch 7 hours ago

    Real Madrid 3-1 vs Levante Chelsea 1-2 vs Spurs Man city 3-0 Leicter

  • Ayaan Ibrar
    Ayaan Ibrar 7 hours ago

    Mbappe is 21. Will be 22 next season. He needs to make move by 23 which is next season. Why waste time in a farmers league

  • khadarovic kdr
    khadarovic kdr 8 hours ago


  • Dante Spina
    Dante Spina 8 hours ago

    Sidibe and Digne are better than Arsenal’s fullbacks, although Tierney and Saka have a really high potential. If Evertons full back are better than Arsenal’s than arsenal cannot be second best

  • Alexandre Nabais
    Alexandre Nabais 8 hours ago

    13:32 No and No. A) Arsenal havent´t the 2nd best full back in the league when fully fit and B) Robertson and TAA arent the best full back duo in the prem. Pereira and Chilwell are much better.

  • Tessy Ogochukwu
    Tessy Ogochukwu 8 hours ago

    I still can't believe Messi has a British accent and everyone else has an accent from their country...

  • Criostoir Geoghan
    Criostoir Geoghan 8 hours ago

    Harry kane seems older

  • Kamar Maynard
    Kamar Maynard 9 hours ago


  • Tornado Rampage
    Tornado Rampage 9 hours ago

    Varane has been for madrid for god knows many years still 26

  • V for VAR
    V for VAR 9 hours ago

    Leicester 1-3 Man City

  • Kathi RM
    Kathi RM 9 hours ago

    Nico 😍😍😍😍

  • Yeet My nan
    Yeet My nan 9 hours ago

    0:52 didn’t go down so well 😂

  • Shay’s Studio
    Shay’s Studio 9 hours ago


  • Shay’s Studio
    Shay’s Studio 9 hours ago

    That was the only title stevie g would get

  • Kaidyn Dale
    Kaidyn Dale 9 hours ago

    Karamoko dembele oh I he is in Scotland so let’s not count

  • Sapnu puas
    Sapnu puas 9 hours ago

    I think Müller is like 35 but he is only 30 years old

  • Michael Levy
    Michael Levy 9 hours ago

    Chelsea vs Tottenham 2-1 Manchester city vs Leicester city 2-1

  • D Roman
    D Roman 9 hours ago

    Sterling isn’t going to Real Madrid. Mbappé and Kevin DeBruyne are the next major signings for Real Madrid. With Vinicius and Rodrygo along with others, Real is set at the forward positions. Hala Madrid !

  • Parsa Jamali
    Parsa Jamali 9 hours ago

    When you spend $1.17 Billion on players and still can't get past the Round of 16

  • Parsa Jamali
    Parsa Jamali 9 hours ago

    WINNING THE UCL? PSG can't even get passed the Round of 16. Biggest Bottlers In Europe???

  • Sherbert Lime
    Sherbert Lime 10 hours ago

    I think KDB would go to Barca as they don't really have a designated CAM. You can make a case for Arthur but I think he lies too deep positionally to be a CAM. The same case for De jong. In addition, Vidal is aging and looking likely to exit

  • Taff Zizi
    Taff Zizi 10 hours ago

    Man city 3 - Leicester 0 Spurs 0 - Chelsea 2

  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude 10 hours ago


  • Eoin Ni Sherig
    Eoin Ni Sherig 10 hours ago

    Are you waiting for Liverpool to be given a var decision before you use my question or maybe you only answer mean question's? Whatever the case I will be relentless an spam the same var question every video until answered, ✌😎

  • Harald Holst-Sverresvold

    Ødegaard will replace luka modric

  • Natnael Yemane
    Natnael Yemane 10 hours ago

    How are you trying to say tierney is not good he is 2nd best full back in the league and saka is not starting over him he is injured and coming back in march stop waffling you are hating because u are a spurs fan with aruier and Davies 😂😂😂😂

  • Skooled Skooled
    Skooled Skooled 10 hours ago

    Chelsea 1-0 Tottenham

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen 10 hours ago

    10 football prediction for the 2020/2021 season

  • Dari Salmeen
    Dari Salmeen 10 hours ago

    You mean kdb Real not barca.

  • Aryan Madhanjith
    Aryan Madhanjith 10 hours ago

    Chelsea 3-2 Spurs Leicester 0-3 Man city Arsenal 4-0 Everton

  • Owen Young
    Owen Young 10 hours ago

    Man city will beat Madrid in both legs and move on to win and lift the champions league trophy 🏆 for the first time and win the appeal and win the champions league the next two seasons

  • Fh Melhuish G
    Fh Melhuish G 10 hours ago

    Friday feels In the spurs v Chelsea match one team will go ahead 2-0 before the other team comes back to draw 2-2

    SK BRAINY 10 hours ago

    Man City will win and Pedro will score for Chelsea in their game

  • Kuravelli _
    Kuravelli _ 11 hours ago

    Donnarumma fake news? Ansu fati and phil wannabe? Tf

  • Chirayu Aggarwal
    Chirayu Aggarwal 11 hours ago

    Do u guys think haaland and Sancho are the next ronaldo n messi. Haland is just an unstoppable machine wheras Sancho just has an unreal talent and can dribble past defences like they just aren't there

  • Shaheer Gillani
    Shaheer Gillani 11 hours ago

    Best trio in football???? Currently neymar mbappe and di Maria r better Baring in mind that Salah hasn't been that good

  • Snehil Singh Rokey
    Snehil Singh Rokey 11 hours ago

    Nico and the niners!!!

  • Shaheer Gillani
    Shaheer Gillani 11 hours ago

    Lmao what about Messi? Who is way better than Ronaldo hands question.

  • J.L. Banuboy
    J.L. Banuboy 11 hours ago

    It wasn't that we are angry at the officiating.

  • Bashar Malla Othman
    Bashar Malla Othman 11 hours ago

    0:43 RB Leipzig had wrong kits on

  • L00kiii
    L00kiii 11 hours ago

    An die Deutschen, ist euch schonmal aufgefallen, das der Nachname von Matt nämlich Frohlich viel deutscher ist als der von Nico, nämlich Heymer

    • Kathi RM
      Kathi RM 9 hours ago

      L00kiii Nicos Nachname ist bis auf einen Buchstaben „Neymar$ ... dem Fußballer, den er am wenigsten mag 😂😂😂

  • Felix
    Felix 11 hours ago

    Lazio to win by a 3 goal margin

  • live life on the gun side live life on the gun side

    Liverpool 5-0 West Ham

  • Abi Purser
    Abi Purser 11 hours ago

    havertz is 24

  • Vinayak Mani
    Vinayak Mani 11 hours ago

    3:15 guys come on you are forgetting Lingard.

  • Shakeem Ferary
    Shakeem Ferary 11 hours ago

    Man utd 2-1 Man city 3-1

  • Jeshua Esher
    Jeshua Esher 12 hours ago

    Shaw(or Brandon Williams) and AWB is probably the 2nd best

    CR-7 NEERAJ 12 hours ago

    Nico we love youuu❤

  • Kroos Control
    Kroos Control 12 hours ago

    I have mixed feelings about KDB joining. He's one of the best players in the worls but he could destroy Oedegaard's career

    • The Planner
      The Planner 10 hours ago

      remember that Real Sociedad are not giving him back next season, we can offload players like James, however Modric has been in fine form so he'll probably stay one more season with midfielders being Isco (if not gone), KDB, Kroos, Valverde, Case and Modric

  • Filip Zagar
    Filip Zagar 12 hours ago

    Matt saying Tierney isn't very good so Saka starts ahead of him is the dumbest thing you'll hear today. Tierney is injured and has always played when fit

  • Dario Treske
    Dario Treske 12 hours ago

    love the combination of you two :)

  • Green Dome
    Green Dome 12 hours ago

    SOS from Sterling The sly fox smells 💵💶💷 his opportunity .... don't be surprised man city fans...the kid is about business...wallet

  • Ian Longley
    Ian Longley 12 hours ago

    Did any of you actually watch Sheffield United before the season started?

  • Joshua Maughan
    Joshua Maughan 12 hours ago

    Donnuruma fake news are u serius thats accully mad ok

  • Δαμιανος Συμεωνίδης

    Where is frenkie

  • Noah Boswell
    Noah Boswell 13 hours ago

    Coventry City have only lost 3 league games this season. In Europes top 5 leagues and Englands top 4 only Liverpool, Real Madrid, Latzio and Inter have lost fewer PUSB

  • William Hennyng
    William Hennyng 13 hours ago

    6:30 is me!

    • Simon Siju
      Simon Siju 12 hours ago

      Damn you mentioned it a lot

  • E Chronicles
    E Chronicles 13 hours ago

    Leicester and City will draw

  • aakash zure
    aakash zure 13 hours ago

    The player who should be older is Bellerin. Looks like he has been around forever and Barca and Arsenal clashed for him too. And somehow he is still 24.

  • H I
    H I 13 hours ago

    Surprised u haven’t sucked off Man City dean

  • Zach Gill
    Zach Gill 13 hours ago

    Although the stevenage one is tremendous

  • Areeb Siddiqui
    Areeb Siddiqui 13 hours ago

    Jesse Lingard makes a music video and it becomes the most disliked thing on social media ever.

  • Captain AH
    Captain AH 13 hours ago

    FFP OPEN UP!!!!!

  • William Hennyng
    William Hennyng 13 hours ago

    6:30 is me!

  • Deepangshu das
    Deepangshu das 13 hours ago

    I don't know about goals but I could definitely bet on that red card in the intercontinental derby

  • Will Miall
    Will Miall 13 hours ago

    Shout out to The Farm. Carl Hunter, the bassist was my tutor for filmmaking at university and now a friend of mine. Talented man and band

  • kenny jong
    kenny jong 13 hours ago

    Chelsea 1-3 spurs. Alli to score brace. Liverpool to lose by one goal.

  • quick mammal
    quick mammal 13 hours ago

    City players have to leave for simple reason - Wages. It's not a contract-lawyer-bs reason. City has a funding gap of 70 million per year. There is no way new oil $$$ can fill this gap. Otherwise, they would risk getting banned for more seasons. As a result, city just cannot pay all players their wages.

  • LemonboyGaming
    LemonboyGaming 13 hours ago

    Want him to make another video and hear what he has got to say. Lol

  • Prince Chabata
    Prince Chabata 13 hours ago

    In order to save themselves Man City can get out of this mess like Heung-Min Son did Win the Champions League in exchange for the ban to be lifted

  • Roland Varduhn
    Roland Varduhn 13 hours ago

    All good, but why do you have to scream the whole time?

  • kassi420
    kassi420 13 hours ago

    Why would United think he’ll join them after Keane tried to destroy his father’s knees in the 2000s...

  • Kenenna Udochukwu
    Kenenna Udochukwu 13 hours ago

    As a skeptic Liverpool fan, I declare we’re not going to win the tie against Atlético Madrid. They’re the worst team we could’ve drawn.

  • Madhavan Kesavan
    Madhavan Kesavan 13 hours ago

    I'm sad I didn't feature 😭😭😭

  • Ramla Otty
    Ramla Otty 13 hours ago

    Mbappe and haland


    Saka going to score a brace against Everton Hello From Malaysia 🇲🇾🇲🇾

  • Dawson Dog
    Dawson Dog 13 hours ago

    Leicester City 1-3 Manchester City

  • Aaron Yearwood
    Aaron Yearwood 13 hours ago

    Dang that’s harsh on the Arsenal players.

  • codrin stefan
    codrin stefan 14 hours ago

    Sterling to Real, Aguero and KDB to Barca(or Liverpool kdb), Mahrez to Juve, Sane to Bayern

  • Pavan Manchineni
    Pavan Manchineni 14 hours ago

    Leipzig : plays good football * Literally every other German club tries pulling them down in the league* The hate is unreal!

    • Andreas Jacobsen
      Andreas Jacobsen 11 hours ago

      Because they suck

    • Kroos Control
      Kroos Control 12 hours ago

      But its not like their buying world class players , they're developing players

    • Johan gade
      Johan gade 12 hours ago

      Everyone hates them for the cheating on the 50+1 rule and because they are Red Bull.