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How to Clone your FACE
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To Grant, Love The TKOR Team
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Thank you, Grant.
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4 Tricks with TOILET PAPER!
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Hydro Dipping Nintendo!
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Dropping a 40 lb Bouncy Ball
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How Good Is Smoked Cake?
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Reenacting The FOOD FIGHT
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  • ryan sandrin
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  • Anthony McGuire
    Anthony McGuire 2 minutes ago

    A regional foods like Gooey Butter Cake, porkroll, and Porkstate,

  • Veggie
    Veggie 2 minutes ago

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who was craving popcorn while watching this

  • Demon Fire Warewolf
    Demon Fire Warewolf 2 minutes ago

    u should water proof slime :p

  • Stephen Powell
    Stephen Powell 2 minutes ago

    Please freeze dry Peeps!!!

  • Lily Mendez
    Lily Mendez 3 minutes ago

    Dont cry because he's gone Be happy because he was here :)

  • chadergeist82
    chadergeist82 3 minutes ago

    The popcorn seasoning is probably just flavored salt.

  • minecraft creator
    minecraft creator 4 minutes ago

    I have a suggestion for a video! You should micro wave magnets and anything else that you think would be cool!

  • [myst]goldwolfgamer888x

    5 years from now the FLash-player prophecy states that we will all be reunited again at this video in the recommend section

  • Nerdy Nevaeh
    Nerdy Nevaeh 4 minutes ago

    Freeze dry a Kit-Kat

  • Brad M
    Brad M 5 minutes ago

    Hey the king of random what would happen if u used salt instead of sugar in a cotton candy machine???? Like to let them make a video of it

    • Brad M
      Brad M 4 minutes ago

      Like to make them see

  • TenshuraX
    TenshuraX 5 minutes ago

    so, we know sugar works, fructose doesnt, nor dextrose, but what about other sweeteners? like stevia, erythritol, splenda, xylitol, that kind of thing. at least personally i'm wondering if other kinds of sweeteners will have different results

    LIV ALLISON 5 minutes ago

    stackable plastic bricks

  • Red Skittle
    Red Skittle 6 minutes ago

    But watermelon is a solid...

  • unicorn person
    unicorn person 7 minutes ago

    Nate: *licks glue* uugh *keeps licking it* Me:do you LIKE it?! 😛😛😛😛

  • James Verhoff
    James Verhoff 7 minutes ago

    Let's go crazy and try non-footstuffs: Antifreeze Fryer oil (new and used) Batteries Soak a rock in water for 24 hours then freeze dry it (for us geology geeks)

  • Animegirl 2016
    Animegirl 2016 8 minutes ago

    With the marshmallow fluff if u mixed floor coloring into first the freeze dry it and let it dissolved in water would the color show up. I'm guessing most likely but I'm just curious.

  • Raman Kavitha
    Raman Kavitha 8 minutes ago

    Which one is the best fuel among all of these mixtures?

  • No_u
    No_u 9 minutes ago

    Do takis

  • Copper Conner
    Copper Conner 9 minutes ago

    Do ketchup,

  • CherryLilyz Gaming
    CherryLilyz Gaming 10 minutes ago

    experament: revive...

  • unicorn person
    unicorn person 11 minutes ago

    *Glue sticks have left the chat*

  • Gary Jay Baena
    Gary Jay Baena 11 minutes ago

    Used bacardi 151 dude

  • Phoenyx Salter
    Phoenyx Salter 12 minutes ago

    Try freeze drying a kids stuffie

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson 13 minutes ago

    freeze dry a potato

  • Gravedigger7000
    Gravedigger7000 13 minutes ago

    My favorite part if this video is when I noticed the glove in the background

  • Demon Fire Warewolf
    Demon Fire Warewolf 13 minutes ago

    u should have used flex tape 😊

  • kelly miller
    kelly miller 14 minutes ago

    your making me hunngry aaaaannndddd pleas make a difrint viteossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  • Chelsey Abbott
    Chelsey Abbott 14 minutes ago

    I have never heard of making your own bouncy ball. I am amazed and I need to make this immediately

  • K. K.
    K. K. 15 minutes ago

    Silk Candy 😂

  • KLR2232
    KLR2232 16 minutes ago

    I may have missed this being done before but please freeze dry moon pies! Slices would probably work best since they are covered in a chocolate type coating

  • Red Wolf
    Red Wolf 16 minutes ago

    Freeze dry a poptart!!!!

  • Robo Studios
    Robo Studios 17 minutes ago

    There’s only like a centimeters worth of putty inside these eggs lmao.

  • Nicole Jeffree
    Nicole Jeffree 17 minutes ago

    You and mark rober should have a water war

  • unicorn person
    unicorn person 17 minutes ago

    Any time the battery sparked I flinched.😜

  • Sarah golden
    Sarah golden 18 minutes ago

    he pured it ronge

  • Rayann Gum
    Rayann Gum 18 minutes ago

    You should see what would happen if you freeze dry cotton candy and try crunch M&M almond joy snickers three musketeers Milky Way Reece’s twix star burst

  • TheDrummer
    TheDrummer 18 minutes ago

    I still masturbate to this video

  • Aliya Sampson
    Aliya Sampson 19 minutes ago

    what would happen if you frezze dired medice?

  • TheWWEfanCB
    TheWWEfanCB 19 minutes ago

    8:07. Why do you guys start doing stuff that you know doesn't work as well. For example, everything prior to this timestamp, you were blending before you put it in. Then for the rest of the video, you guys start using a lot of big chunks. This goes for other experiments too. You start half-"butting", when you already start getting better results. If anything, play around first THEN do what works.

  • Hunter English
    Hunter English 19 minutes ago

    Could you put cotton candy or other things in an air fryer ??

  • Divyang shah
    Divyang shah 19 minutes ago

    Now plz tell me making an air compressor in 5$

  • jerry Krause
    jerry Krause 19 minutes ago

    Would you be willing to try freeze dry Thanksgiving Leftovers or some sort of festive video like that.

  • Kiwiberry Productions
    Kiwiberry Productions 19 minutes ago

    No one: Not even a single soul: Not even Nate: Calli: *Hears lightning* "YEAHHHHHHH!" Me: *PrEsEnT MiC Is ThAt YoU?*

  • Kingston_ PLAYZ
    Kingston_ PLAYZ 19 minutes ago

    Chandler’s heaven

  • Reagan Hutter
    Reagan Hutter 20 minutes ago

    Try freeze drying a pumpkin 🎃 or watermelon 🍉

  • TW Productions
    TW Productions 21 minute ago

    What if you try freeze drying jam or peanut butter?

  • Dragon Spirits
    Dragon Spirits 22 minutes ago

    Guys he is still here... in FLash-player and in our hearts. Be glad he was here. Just imagine if he was never here ever

  • AnotherGreenMidget
    AnotherGreenMidget 24 minutes ago

    Have you tried freeze drying cheese yet? If not, you should!

  • Bianca Cuevas
    Bianca Cuevas 25 minutes ago

    Can you crush Pop rocket into powder and turn it into cotton

  • Rebecca Meares
    Rebecca Meares 27 minutes ago

    Try dairy free iccream for us lactose intolerant peeps lol

  • Dragon Spirits
    Dragon Spirits 27 minutes ago

    Guys he is still here... in FLash-player and in our hearts. Be glad he was here. Just imagine if he was never here ever

  • Taylor Broodney
    Taylor Broodney 27 minutes ago

    Freeze dry cotton candy and popcorn

  • Carlton A. Combs
    Carlton A. Combs 27 minutes ago

    Can you turn different chocolates into cotton candy if you freeze-dry it beforehand?

  • Hyper BearJoey
    Hyper BearJoey 28 minutes ago

    What’s up with the diapers

  • Joeythan
    Joeythan 29 minutes ago

    The Gushers look like the Oops! All Berries Captain Crunch..

  • gretchen hill
    gretchen hill 29 minutes ago

    try fondant and strawberries

  • Cake Head
    Cake Head 30 minutes ago

    Grind up the freeze-dried marshmallow fluff and put it in the cotton candy maker

  • Dark Arxnine
    Dark Arxnine 30 minutes ago

    Freeze dried vinegar or freeze dried lemons and crush them would it make a sour powder ?

  • Hannah Myrum
    Hannah Myrum 30 minutes ago

    My sister and I call it stiky-stuff, we came up with the name when we were kids

  • Rebel 25
    Rebel 25 31 minute ago

    That intro was fire ; )

  • Fontin family
    Fontin family 31 minute ago


  • Vennzo
    Vennzo 32 minutes ago

    Can melted then dried sour patch kids become cotton candy?

  • matthew blain
    matthew blain 34 minutes ago

    Try turning the cone like you're mixing it in the bowl

  • Jaxson Snavely
    Jaxson Snavely 34 minutes ago

    My sister just got a product called Melly Beads. I was wondering what things you could do with a plastic that is made to melt.

  • Imstill
    Imstill 34 minutes ago

    Next can you try powdered chips in the cotton candy machine pls

  • Trevor Johnson
    Trevor Johnson 34 minutes ago

    Another school day over with lessons done it's time to say goodbye. Farewell educator. The King of Random.

  • Halie hi McElwee
    Halie hi McElwee 35 minutes ago

    You should try to pour liquid nitrogen on a hot stovetop

  • Zalynn Richardson
    Zalynn Richardson 35 minutes ago

    And I promise you we all love you

  • Đäphñę Żāg-fúčhš

    You guys should freeze dry all kinds of skittles

  • Andrew Champagne
    Andrew Champagne 36 minutes ago

    How about contacting Mark Rober about making such a perfect kicking machine, and test it on something flatter like a football field. What do you think?

  • Zalynn Richardson
    Zalynn Richardson 36 minutes ago

    I just whantd to tell you your the BEST FLash-player ever

  • Pop Pop
    Pop Pop 36 minutes ago

    try pixy sticks

  • Zalynn Richardson
    Zalynn Richardson 37 minutes ago

    I miss him so much one thing if he is whacking this or sees this comment I live you no matter what happens just to let you now who ever do not like you sham on then but I love you so so so so so so much I crying 😢 right I in joyed your videos and wi will wach and wich I live you thank you 🙏🏿 we miss you so so vary much

  • Craftime
    Craftime 37 minutes ago

    Freeze dry it please

  • Donald Brazzel
    Donald Brazzel 37 minutes ago

    Juicy drop pops liquids and the gummy bowls

  • Fernando Rock
    Fernando Rock 38 minutes ago

    Can you make the dust inside a fire extinguisher into cotten candy

  • Ghastly Gaming
    Ghastly Gaming 39 minutes ago

    6:54 "I wanna do get" GRAMMAR

  • Kelpkake
    Kelpkake 39 minutes ago

    Rest tight my friend hope you’re in a better place now.

  • walker# 20675
    walker# 20675 39 minutes ago

    How dare you not watch "Who framed Rodger rabbit" uncultured

  • ceara turnley
    ceara turnley 43 minutes ago

    They can use it as a juice machine😂

  • Spencer Yancey
    Spencer Yancey 44 minutes ago

    Europeans actually discovered gun powder on their own. An Asian professor at UCLA wrote about this.

  • Donald Brazzel
    Donald Brazzel 44 minutes ago

    Try to freezedry biscuits and gravy

  • Bff jhvhshshdh Vdhstwhdvfh

    Thats not right you have to put the graphite AND the water on the plate then put It on the microwave for 3:00 minutes

  • Basketball Vibes
    Basketball Vibes 46 minutes ago

    Freeze dry the gummy legos !,!

  • Isadora DelValle
    Isadora DelValle 46 minutes ago

    Can you try on the skin if it is possible?

  • SkullCrusher 9192
    SkullCrusher 9192 48 minutes ago

    Freeze dry mochi the Japanese dessert

  • Kyle Dilbert
    Kyle Dilbert 48 minutes ago

    First video I’ve ever watched from this guy, may he Rest In Peace.

  • JiuJiu Playz
    JiuJiu Playz 49 minutes ago

    Freeze dry those foot long gummy worm

    XxTHE LONEWOLFxX 49 minutes ago

    I always break all the rules of popping popcorn, yet it always comes out tasting like average popcorn.

  • Eliezer Diaz
    Eliezer Diaz 50 minutes ago

    Use ring pops

  • NyxaRae ͔
    NyxaRae ͔ 50 minutes ago

    Have you ever freeze dried jello? I haven't seen all videos so I'm not sure

  • gaming garcia
    gaming garcia 51 minute ago

    any one know if thay are married or dating ?

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    Zband 51 minute ago

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    James Nyugien 51 minute ago

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    Snivy_06 53 minutes ago

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    Maui Randall 53 minutes ago

    That poor knife and countertop you can afford a professional cotton candy machine and freeze dryer but not a cutting board?

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    Ekhlas Shahadat 54 minutes ago

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  • Nick Is Bomb
    Nick Is Bomb 54 minutes ago

    7 years ago?!