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  • Tommy Bowman
    Tommy Bowman 7 hours ago

    Those white things are condoms

  • Tessa Stone
    Tessa Stone 7 hours ago

    At 7:13 the lights were flickering but before they put it in slow mo they were fine????

  • PITSteelers
    PITSteelers 7 hours ago

    "unknown cannister" *Cannister says butane fuel"

  • bkmevo
    bkmevo 7 hours ago

    Microwave an unopened can of pop

  • memester mememe
    memester mememe 7 hours ago

    The paper shredder looks like you upgraded 1 stat

  • Ben Conkel
    Ben Conkel 7 hours ago

    You said that it was 2000

  • BD_JoeJoe2518
    BD_JoeJoe2518 8 hours ago

    Homie lowkey got nae naed

  • The Hand Turkey
    The Hand Turkey 8 hours ago

    4:10 that’s oddly specific

  • Matt Norton
    Matt Norton 8 hours ago

    I am very sick and your video gave me comfort. Thank you for being awesome.

  •  8 hours ago

    But the sand was also mucus-Callie

  • Brandon Guerrero
    Brandon Guerrero 8 hours ago

    U guys should make a projector with a clear light bulbs and a box and water

  • Boomer _shit
    Boomer _shit 8 hours ago

    Guys I didn’t know jolly ranchers existed till now

  • Gareth McDonald
    Gareth McDonald 8 hours ago

    The sword was cast not forged and the bludgeoning test was a stab test but I loved the concept.

  • Josselyn Rashford
    Josselyn Rashford 8 hours ago

    Who else has gotten the whole core out at once on accident?

  • Janelle Ramsey
    Janelle Ramsey 8 hours ago

    I LOVE YOu Video

  • SavageGreywolf
    SavageGreywolf 8 hours ago

    mfw King of Random accurately recreates crystal weapons from Dark Souls

    BRICEVISION 8 hours ago

    Will this work with copper as well?

  • Gretchen Loebel
    Gretchen Loebel 8 hours ago

    It's like bumper cars

  • Demetroid
    Demetroid 8 hours ago

    10:39 kinda reminds me of Gael's Great Sword from DS3

  • TheBeast Boy
    TheBeast Boy 8 hours ago

    You should make a vid and get a bowl of water and keep putting cotton candy in it and see how thick it gets or if it turns to a solid

  • D G
    D G 8 hours ago

    Woah, stepping it up with the educational facts

  • Meg to the Rye
    Meg to the Rye 8 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice how red Callie's face got as she was pouring in the jolly ranchers???

  • icekreqm _
    icekreqm _ 8 hours ago

    shouldve done blue raspberry..

  • exploring the unexplored

    Any one else see the jolly rancher dagger on Tik tok? Nope? Just me? Mk

  • TheScienceGuy120
    TheScienceGuy120 8 hours ago

    *Sword core online*

  • Derek Baker
    Derek Baker 8 hours ago

    Because...yeah, I got nothin

  • TX neliport
    TX neliport 8 hours ago

    Get more and make the biggest ball of silly putty

  • Jon E. O'Gara
    Jon E. O'Gara 8 hours ago

    Wow! I straight up smelled vinegar when she poured out!

  • Cody Call
    Cody Call 8 hours ago

    You play with electricity you can die. Or parasailing.

  • Midnight Eevee
    Midnight Eevee 8 hours ago

    I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuve! Fun dip!!!

  • firestorm 8265
    firestorm 8265 8 hours ago

    Probably didn’t work because smoke doesn’t constantly move up like fire does. Just my thoughts

  • Zombiewolf 132
    Zombiewolf 132 8 hours ago

    I’m a bit confused on if he thought about facing them up and letting them fly up into the air

  • Shaheir Gullen
    Shaheir Gullen 8 hours ago


  • OG Fluffy
    OG Fluffy 8 hours ago

    7:14 that light in the background though.

  • Gunner Morris
    Gunner Morris 8 hours ago

    7:15 why is the light flickering

  • Ro Mo
    Ro Mo 8 hours ago

    Dangerously tasty

  • Polornia Swordstones

    Another tactic is to load 3 on each finger for a very powerful shotgun blast

  • manda louella
    manda louella 8 hours ago

    Can raid Shadow legend become cotton candy?

  • GemBros Inc.
    GemBros Inc. 8 hours ago

    Isn’t that the sword from Final Fantasy

  • Gunner Morris
    Gunner Morris 8 hours ago

    Does any buddy notice at the beginning how weirdly he eats the jolly rancher

  • Unicorn Rainbow
    Unicorn Rainbow 8 hours ago

    I speak English hello random person scrolling through the comments

  • Unicorn Rainbow
    Unicorn Rainbow 8 hours ago

    Hola persona aleatoria desplazándose a través de los comentarios

  • Army Nuke Nuke
    Army Nuke Nuke 8 hours ago

    *Can Cotten Candy Cotten Candy make Cotten Candy?* -NO- YES

  • hfandgkrsyjsvmfjjsfjitsjdgmfuzhvn

    i thought this was legit until i saw the animation where your explaining what your going to do, then im supper confused like 'what was that randomness..." (no pun intended) then i realized... 'oh wait' checked the date and knew.

  • Vance The Weeb
    Vance The Weeb 8 hours ago

    3:50 when you have no friends and hug anything that looks alive

  • John3.14
    John3.14 8 hours ago

    cloud would be so proud. sephiroth would be hatin (NEW JOLLY RANCHER SWORD IDEA!!)

  • Gamer Guy
    Gamer Guy 8 hours ago

    Teachers: sand is a solid. Mark: *well, yes. But actually no.*

  • Mr. Bonkers
    Mr. Bonkers 8 hours ago

    It was a jolly jabber

  • x Itz Epic D x
    x Itz Epic D x 8 hours ago

    For the first half of this video I felt really bad for Mark the camera guy. Imagine having to watch your friend with two hot chicks playing and sledding, and you just get to sit there as a 4th wheel. Watching...

  • Elliott Johnson
    Elliott Johnson 8 hours ago

    2:44 Cali: FUDGE

  • Malroth00Returns
    Malroth00Returns 8 hours ago

    It's not the calcium from the slaked lime it's the Hydroxide ions, you can get the same effect (at a significantly higher danger of chemical burns) by using water saturated with wood ash then concentrated.

  • Daniel Vigil
    Daniel Vigil 8 hours ago

    You should mix gunpowder and dry iceeeeeeeee❄❄

  • Cameron0717
    Cameron0717 8 hours ago

    Now I wanna see a lego Minifigure M E L T

  • demetra zigenis
    demetra zigenis 8 hours ago

    i have both the spin art thing and the claw hand from kiwi

  • Vivian Pham
    Vivian Pham 9 hours ago

    R.i.p. The king of randomness

  • Alec Labrador
    Alec Labrador 9 hours ago

    What else can you make with candy?

  • Midnight Sarrow 160
    Midnight Sarrow 160 9 hours ago


  • Cyrisse Owusu
    Cyrisse Owusu 9 hours ago

    Anyone else ship them together?

  • Shrek
    Shrek 9 hours ago


  • Dallas Llewellyn
    Dallas Llewellyn 9 hours ago

    Are you guys married.

  • melon sharkman
    melon sharkman 9 hours ago

    where did you buy the gallium ?

  • Skyler Huffma
    Skyler Huffma 9 hours ago

    What would happen if you put a phone in the foundry and if it all melted do you think you could pour it?

  • Daniel Vigil
    Daniel Vigil 9 hours ago

    Isn't it bad to look inside a microwave...

  • Christopher Brucks
    Christopher Brucks 9 hours ago

    yo its 2020

  • Amadeus Does Stuff
    Amadeus Does Stuff 9 hours ago

    Ima pour some more in: pours the whole bucket

  • ImaBeast4652
    ImaBeast4652 9 hours ago

    I saw this on TikTok 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Amazingrain YT
    Amazingrain YT 9 hours ago

    Freeze dry Cheetos

  • Brooke Eckstein
    Brooke Eckstein 9 hours ago

    I do water totthpaste than I brush my teeth

  • Sky S
    Sky S 9 hours ago


  • Gabriella watson
    Gabriella watson 9 hours ago

    I like how I’m really late to this video but you guys say it’s probably 90 percent air but don’t say what the 10 percent that’s left probably is

  • Sky S
    Sky S 9 hours ago


  • May Bach
    May Bach 9 hours ago

    Subliminal messaging?

  • My pants are falling off

    9:49 haven’t you guys heard to never cut toward yourself. Man impales friend with jolly rancher sword. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Isabella Siders
    Isabella Siders 9 hours ago


  • JustGeorgette
    JustGeorgette 9 hours ago

    Saw the FF7 sword and clicked so fast...

  • Lunar Ch1ll
    Lunar Ch1ll 9 hours ago

    Did anybody else see the light at 7:26

  • Steven
    Steven 9 hours ago

    That House is Haunted Look at The Lights in The Background 7:13 and it was right after he stabbed the wattermeellon

    CHRISTOPHER TAYLOR 9 hours ago

    At least Minecraft gold tools have more durability

  • Zack 2001
    Zack 2001 9 hours ago

    Try and make a ramen noodle and superglue knife and sword !!!!!

  • Aiden Rees
    Aiden Rees 9 hours ago

    Those cats are sooooo cute 😭

  • Olivia Brewster
    Olivia Brewster 9 hours ago

    could you make a huge frame with a large circle and walk through it...

  • juan leyva
    juan leyva 9 hours ago

    Video starts at 10:10

  • Steven
    Steven 9 hours ago

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  • W. Zach Comstock
    W. Zach Comstock 9 hours ago

    You've cast a sword, you did not forge the sword. Forging - Using applied force to deform a material into a desired shape Casting - Pouring a liquid material into a form or mold which then takes the desired shape once hardened

  • ductapeplanet
    ductapeplanet 9 hours ago

    How is it warm?

  • Roger Schaeffer
    Roger Schaeffer 9 hours ago

    Jolly Dagger +1 vs watermelon

  • Mark-Anthony Page
    Mark-Anthony Page 9 hours ago

    What is with the subliminal logo at 3:51?

  • Kananbread Man
    Kananbread Man 9 hours ago

    1:39 idk what you call them but where I live what you made is called a prawn cracker. We get it it with Chinese food. Granted our Chinese food is way different. I'm in the UK

  • Brooke Eckstein
    Brooke Eckstein 9 hours ago

    I saw the tik toks

  • Hayden Young
    Hayden Young 9 hours ago

    Frezzdry oobleck

  • Evo Panda
    Evo Panda 9 hours ago

    What would happen if you want to microwave Orbees

  • Crimson Ash
    Crimson Ash 9 hours ago


  • Em The Zombie
    Em The Zombie 9 hours ago

    why do I ship Nick and Cali??

  • saibaNeko
    saibaNeko 9 hours ago


  • mr. potato
    mr. potato 9 hours ago

    how to start a car crash

  • Cool Legos and Things

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Absolutely Everyone on Pluto: Cali: "Which watermelon won?" Me: yEs

  • Nama Kun
    Nama Kun 9 hours ago


  • Angel Navarrete
    Angel Navarrete 9 hours ago

    Jolly buster Consumable weapon

  • Clem Savoldi
    Clem Savoldi 9 hours ago

    I wonder if it would be stronger if you added fiberglass to the pour?

  • Malroth00Returns
    Malroth00Returns 9 hours ago

    Vaccuum chamber some steaks to around 1/4 an ATM and leave it in the fridge overnight and see if they taste like dry aged.