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  • ok BOOMER
    ok BOOMER Hour ago

    Kane is able

  • kiri Mshibe
    kiri Mshibe Hour ago

    New hairstyle

  • Dimse 70
    Dimse 70 2 hours ago

    Manny can you try prime moments van nistelrooy

  • EliteMcr_YT
    EliteMcr_YT 5 hours ago

    manny is just a prick liverpool fanhe just slags off good icon players like lool how do u not like moments ronaldinho or zidane you werd guy spends like 5000 million on fifa the weirdo

  • Mitzko
    Mitzko 6 hours ago

    Destined for greatness

  • Mr D
    Mr D 8 hours ago

    Packed cannavara this morning was nice treat

  • ASMR Tv
    ASMR Tv 8 hours ago

    This game is sooo dead

  • Finn Stimpson
    Finn Stimpson 8 hours ago

    Use Celebration 147 you haven’t used that yet

  • RKALI A7
    RKALI A7 9 hours ago

    Gary Linker 93 Is Amazing.

  • Eli Aslan
    Eli Aslan 9 hours ago

    Any player when they miss a chance on MMT “My time has come”

  • Kris Mamen-Lund
    Kris Mamen-Lund 9 hours ago

    Can you try 94 Del Piero? Really thinking about buying him but don’t know if he is the best cam for 3 mill. Can u try him out bro? Thx

  • Joetube02
    Joetube02 9 hours ago

    Is that Ben yedder extinct?

  • Cooper Conch
    Cooper Conch 9 hours ago


  • Darren Thornton
    Darren Thornton 10 hours ago

    Buy de bruyne

  • KNGamez
    KNGamez 10 hours ago


  • Coaxial
    Coaxial 10 hours ago

    If you go to 4:05 Matthaus (seen in the top left) looks like the actor Mark Wahlberg.

  • Desperado
    Desperado 11 hours ago

    your chat said yes to that hideous hair style lmaooo

  • F2D
    F2D 11 hours ago


  • Kortus
    Kortus 11 hours ago

    Play moments Hagi on CAM

  • B Kr
    B Kr 11 hours ago

    Drogba is a big beast 13 goals in 3 matches

  • Santos Hennessy
    Santos Hennessy 12 hours ago

    Only 89 eusebio

  • NozerpYT Gaming
    NozerpYT Gaming 13 hours ago

    No offense but the second guy u played was ass

  • Rachael Bidwell
    Rachael Bidwell 13 hours ago

    And man poo nited 🐷🐷🐷

  • Rachael Bidwell
    Rachael Bidwell 13 hours ago

    Liver pool are the best

  • Jayden Mathews
    Jayden Mathews 13 hours ago

    2 EZE🤦🏿‍♂️

  • DanishPro
    DanishPro 14 hours ago

    manny, whats your music playlist???

  • Haroon Iqbal
    Haroon Iqbal 14 hours ago


  • sam football
    sam football 14 hours ago

    When you think your all hard 5:09

  • MedKit 7
    MedKit 7 14 hours ago

    Can you please try Håland

  • Haroon Nadeem
    Haroon Nadeem 14 hours ago

    Who else misses zidane

  • Giovanni Gonzalez Alvarez

    Get the new ben yedder (rw)

  • J_DHC05 :
    J_DHC05 : 14 hours ago

    Neymar and haaland is higher squads

  • lets_tallk_football 01

    No Tolu? No team talk😅 Saved me an hour thanks Manny🙏😎

  • Andre
    Andre 15 hours ago

    Hey Manny, I was wondering if you could try out Ben yedder 90. Much love from sweden ✌🏼

  • Hdcijss Xicindhfoch
    Hdcijss Xicindhfoch 15 hours ago

    Pls try: Moments Bobby Moore Moments drogba Moments Lampard

  • Total Music Beats
    Total Music Beats 15 hours ago

    You shoulda tried out dalglish

  • Jacob Banham
    Jacob Banham 15 hours ago

    Get dalglish

  • harvey prifti
    harvey prifti 15 hours ago

    Get 86 atal play him striker get zambrotta's prime icon

  • Ale Plays
    Ale Plays 16 hours ago

    Manny you should try moments ya shin just to test him out

  • Jose Ravelo
    Jose Ravelo 16 hours ago

    Let me be y’all striker

  • S011E
    S011E 16 hours ago

    Why do he say everything twice

    DC10PLAYZ 16 hours ago

    Manny IS GAY

  • Gbg bOiS
    Gbg bOiS 16 hours ago

    When are you showing your ”final” team. When you play with all your favorites of all you have tried the last months? I look forward to see your dream team

  • DWL ,
    DWL , 16 hours ago

    Try rush

  • Randomemer
    Randomemer 16 hours ago

    Drew is soo asssss

  • Matthew Yeulett
    Matthew Yeulett 16 hours ago

    Pls get Ian rush

  • GamerGuys 133
    GamerGuys 133 16 hours ago

    Manny: spends £10,000 on fifa points to give us really good content. The Viewers: why are you spending this money you make the best fifa content anyway

  • D ović
    D ović 16 hours ago

    Try DROGBA moments,, also consider Stoickov and Shevcenko

  • Mussa Ismail
    Mussa Ismail 17 hours ago


  • Kobby Junior
    Kobby Junior 17 hours ago

    2020: World War 3 Corona Virus Vancouver Pandemic *EA Sports becomes a Dictatorship 😳😳😳 #FreeKurt

  • cj ;
    cj ; 17 hours ago

    try shapeshifter messi

  • Sam 1
    Sam 1 17 hours ago


  • Jude Fisher
    Jude Fisher 17 hours ago

    Manny I beg you use other players than Icons

  • Blessed Memory
    Blessed Memory 17 hours ago

    Bro lemme just hold a mil

  • Roberto Paul Malutan
    Roberto Paul Malutan 18 hours ago


  • Detrix_jj
    Detrix_jj 18 hours ago

    U should try petit moments

  • Mr.Unlimited
    Mr.Unlimited 18 hours ago

    im so glad i found youre channel i subscribed!

  • Rauhala 17
    Rauhala 17 18 hours ago

    Manny please... you are NOT trying out these players for us, you are trying them out for ourself and to get the best weekend league results possible. You just like to spend money on this game no need to say it’s for us we know it’s for your own sake and I would do the same is I hade the money you have...

  • BpM Platypus
    BpM Platypus 18 hours ago

    buy moments Eusebio

  • Ali Shams
    Ali Shams 19 hours ago

    when will you go live on twitch again?

  • Theo 04
    Theo 04 19 hours ago

    Try out Gabrielsen!

  • Josh Bennett
    Josh Bennett 19 hours ago

    W manny, I prefer when everything’s live

  • James Hitchmough
    James Hitchmough 20 hours ago

    get 94 Robinson and 99 vvd

  • Bike Life Billy
    Bike Life Billy 20 hours ago

    Yes manny splash the cashh

  • Pudo
    Pudo 20 hours ago

    Okocha is too weak with 64 Strength whilst Neymar has 54 strength on his headliner card but people don't complain...

  • pete1162
    pete1162 21 hour ago

    Future stars Martinez is an animal should try him out

  • Gigxz
    Gigxz 21 hour ago


  • Stein Kubbe
    Stein Kubbe 22 hours ago

    Try Stoichkov

  • Choc cOokie YT
    Choc cOokie YT 22 hours ago

    Slipy g

  • Milton Edegbe
    Milton Edegbe 22 hours ago

    Change the celebration on 152

  • Foot Ball
    Foot Ball 22 hours ago

    Essian moments and TOTY KANTE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Buéda fixe
    Buéda fixe 23 hours ago

    Can you try moments owen??!

  • Luka Sarkis
    Luka Sarkis 23 hours ago


  • R
    R 23 hours ago

    8:28 manny shushes his opponent 8:42 karma strikes

  • willcanetiktok
    willcanetiktok 23 hours ago

    Please do a squad builder showdown with andy

  • Leopold 6.3
    Leopold 6.3 Day ago

    try Raul his card is dope

  • Yahya Jawad
    Yahya Jawad Day ago

    Can you try shapeshifters atal as an CM like so he can see

  • greengreensio
    greengreensio Day ago

    Where did you buy your coins?

  • jwc
    jwc Day ago

    If ur complaining about ur defenders being to fast why do u have pace cards on both of them

  • ChzaFN
    ChzaFN Day ago

    Try and get vvd toty back in ur starting 11

  • Ben Norwell
    Ben Norwell Day ago


  • Abdulla Al Hosani

    Sell cannavaro and get prime icon moments Blanc or Campell

  • Edgy21
    Edgy21 Day ago

    Build a icon moments team with totys

  • Abdulla Al Hosani

    Try Matthus please he is the best CDM

  • Nicholas Louis

    JJ’s got to get into the team he is a beast

  • YtScavenger
    YtScavenger Day ago

    Like versing subs

  • YtScavenger
    YtScavenger Day ago

    Manny when do u play with other people on Xbox

  • Saintsfc8 gaming

    I love butuagueno

  • Precious Ganiyu

    Plz use daglish cruyff or gullit

  • CrazyMdot
    CrazyMdot Day ago

    17:14 THAT GOAL WAS 🔥🔥

  • kiavash1381
    kiavash1381 Day ago

    Buy 97 zidane and keep him till the end!

  • G Bit
    G Bit Day ago

    Try sol Campbell

  • Huy Phạm
    Huy Phạm Day ago

    Manny i love u mate but ur probably the reason why kids are robbin their parents to buy fifa points and fuckin make this game unbalance af

  • Charlie Nielsen

    Drogba, dalglish and Raul should be the next.

  • Adan Ortiz
    Adan Ortiz Day ago

    Can that Theo nigga keep the ball on the fucking floor damn that nigga suck

  • sal6jn ffghhhkk


  • Callum Penlington

    Best series going, straight to the point no bullshit 😂

  • Juan E Juan
    Juan E Juan Day ago

    Someone help me decide which is better become a legend or fifa career?

  • Obioraking
    Obioraking Day ago

    is simon still in the team at all

  • ZoneFPL
    ZoneFPL Day ago

    Am I the only one that thinks he should put Zidane as striker instead of Sanchez?