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The Treble | UTR Documentary
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Under The Radar FC - PUNISH THEM!
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Under The Radar FC - WE GO AGAIN!
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Under The Radar FC - SHOWBOAT
Views 138 3958 months ago


  • Lyndell Hill
    Lyndell Hill Hour ago

    There Nealy a hole black team 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌

  • chisom ovuegbe
    chisom ovuegbe 6 hours ago

    will is my new favorite player

  • chisom ovuegbe
    chisom ovuegbe 6 hours ago

    me when i heard will signed O_O

  • Hollywood
    Hollywood 6 hours ago

    Some dehydrated pitch

    MERAN HERSH 9 hours ago

    How can I join UTR PLEASE

  • ADS10
    ADS10 9 hours ago

    socks and sandals Oh yeah

  • Baller Nino
    Baller Nino 9 hours ago

    Verse eltham sf

  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo 9 hours ago


  • Togzie
    Togzie 9 hours ago

    Road to glory

  • Jar Jar Trumps
    Jar Jar Trumps 11 hours ago

    Mikes has some mad passing jeeeez

  • Mitchell Putukara
    Mitchell Putukara 11 hours ago

    Why did you get the 49inch ultra wide Samsung Monitor mate?

  • MyronTheDrummer
    MyronTheDrummer 12 hours ago

    Drew is a good player. Will is a real veteran of the game.

  • ChangeUr Tone
    ChangeUr Tone 12 hours ago

    I wanna see road to glory !

  • Trayvelle Jackson
    Trayvelle Jackson 12 hours ago

    Manny is a joker mans doing up superstar ina his bedroom 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Basil John
    Basil John 13 hours ago

    Day 1 of asking manny if UTR could sign Jordan and Charlie from Eltham.

  • Peter Eyong
    Peter Eyong 14 hours ago

    Just looked manny hasn’t hit 1million views in like a year you can see he acc does FLASH-PLAYER to bring joy to people Lots of love g❤️💯

  • Luak Paddy
    Luak Paddy 15 hours ago

    play against rising ballers

  • 7
    7 15 hours ago

    Under the radar Pro clubs 💥💥like this so he can see🌪

  • Harry T4
    Harry T4 15 hours ago

    why did he get banned?

  • Matthew White
    Matthew White 16 hours ago

    Rah they fully clothes lined the keeper and the ref was like 😐 nah no foul

  • Cody Pay
    Cody Pay 16 hours ago

    Lfc lets goo

  • Anthonipillai jeyaseelan

    do fifa on ps4

  • Reno B.
    Reno B. 16 hours ago

    preparing for fifa 20*

    DEE DUBZ 18 hours ago

    Pro (PES) 2020 number 1

  • Dum Stler
    Dum Stler 18 hours ago

    Or Manny jr

  • Dum Stler
    Dum Stler 19 hours ago

    New name Leo Manny

  • Dum Stler
    Dum Stler 19 hours ago

    Become a legend

  • FC Maniac
    FC Maniac 19 hours ago

    Good video manny

  • Courts and Lan
    Courts and Lan 19 hours ago

    How can you still be saying Superstar Lanre 😂😂😂

  • BroOhkEy
    BroOhkEy 22 hours ago

    Next goal is keeping a clean sheet!!

  • Whythefuck
    Whythefuck 22 hours ago

    You should play more on the ground and not in the air. It looks like you’re panicking, and just kicking it forward.. Play the 1&2’s because everyone on the team are good technichal, and has good control on the ball. Do an overlap with the backs, and play it into the deep, because most of the times, the defenders er so far apart from eachoter, and it’s easier for your wings to control in, instead of doing a 50/50 of losing or winning the ball.

  • OverAverrage
    OverAverrage 23 hours ago

    Manny gets banned Comes back buys 1 million points Also manny admits to buying points off a plug... Really hope it’s just EA doing some good business

  • Cartii
    Cartii Day ago

    Why EA banned manny??

    • Alfie Starkie
      Alfie Starkie 16 hours ago

      Cartii they thought he was transferring coins


    6:00 Club name: Game is Dead *Spends tons of money on 1.2 MIL FIFA points*

  • Segyonh Selvendran

    15:40 The way Thomas has his top off like he played first half😂😂😂

  • GriceyTheLegend

    manny spent 6 grand on Fifa points lmao

  • Abhigyan Praveen

    RTG plzzzz

  • J C.
    J C. Day ago

    Brooooo drop that song already

  • Behizy
    Behizy Day ago

    Can anyone tell me the stream gadget he mentioned for switching music

  • 21gaming Tv
    21gaming Tv Day ago

    Hey how u doin

  • Scott Brennan
    Scott Brennan Day ago

    Manny what if they do what they talking about? They might ban packs cause it’s classed as gambling and because for gambling your meant to be 18+ and fifa being like 3+ meaning packs might not be a thing you can bye

  • RH - 09RK - Castlebrooke SS (2692)

    Amazing Music Manny and Amazing Setup (100% rating) Keep up the Amazing work on your Channel Manny!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • sir monster
    sir monster Day ago

    I love you, monster.

  • Angel Cruz
    Angel Cruz Day ago

    Plzz do a FIFA road to glory !!

  • Lion Heart 101

    Can we get links to these stuffs pls

  • Josh Wilkins
    Josh Wilkins Day ago

    Someone tell me why ea banned manny?

  • Brian
    Brian Day ago

    ROAD TO GLORY!!!!!! Like if u agree!

  • Just Me Flimz
    Just Me Flimz Day ago

    I love Thomas but Dru is a baller, sorry if I’ve misspelt your name

  • Arianit Gjergjaj

    Keep up the great videos for the new year Manny!

    NARENIAM Day ago

    Do the road to glory manny, I’m going to try to do one as well

  • Josiah Afinui
    Josiah Afinui Day ago

    music name pls ?

  • Jezza
    Jezza Day ago

    Road to glory on PS4 mate

  • Jar Jar Trumps

    That referee is shockingly bad she should not be reffing games

  • will saldivia
    will saldivia Day ago

    love the naruto music @7:15

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith Day ago

    Can you do master league on pes 20

  • Abdul Wasay
    Abdul Wasay Day ago

    What mouse and keyboard do you use

  • Sound Breaker
    Sound Breaker Day ago

    I wanna see you and tobi play ghost recon breakpoint and Cod

  • Jack Lee
    Jack Lee Day ago

    That kit is acc so peng

  • Shadow Blade
    Shadow Blade Day ago

    3:29 song name?

  • Gabriel Ogunleye

    Jams doesn’t bring shin pads Manny:JaMs VeRy UnPrOfsSiOnAl

  • Jeppe Riisgaard

    do a road to glory on the ps4

    • Aloha Tigers
      Aloha Tigers Day ago

      Jeppe Riisgaard Not gonna be rude but it’s a dead series. But I’ll still watch. But it’s still dead.

  • Muppet0306
    Muppet0306 Day ago

    That pitch was awful you can just see the ball bobbling everywhere 😂😂

  • MV S
    MV S Day ago

    Manny is in the sidemen

  • TheOG_SupremeX

    Where is tobi at

  • Kyle Hayes
    Kyle Hayes Day ago

    Can u do a boot collection vid pls

  • Nervoz_1
    Nervoz_1 Day ago

  • Maaestro
    Maaestro Day ago

    #27 for Palmers was tekky but Lanre should play more often

  • Ace Striker
    Ace Striker Day ago

    Yes. Do a RTG and name it, "The FUTure", and use only players under a certain age (24, 23 maybe). You are welcome.

    • Aloha Tigers
      Aloha Tigers Day ago

      Ace Striker Not gonna be rude but it’s a dead series. But I’ll still watch. But it’s still dead.

  • Tyler Williams

    Please do an RTG on fifa would be sick

  • CHARLIE Hutchinson

    Do rtg on xbox for fifa

  • Blackcrazy123co

    Whats the name of that song

  • Luka Čulig
    Luka Čulig Day ago

    I have a 20 dollars setup or 10£ setup im poor

  • Harry shepherd

    You need to play RB /rising ballers

  • Jeremy Fuchs
    Jeremy Fuchs Day ago

    Make a road to glory like if you agree

  • Jamieb1994
    Jamieb1994 Day ago

    Obviously it's your choice as well & it's actually good to see some FIFA vids as well, but it'll also be nice to see some different gaming videos as well as FIFA & PES. Also if EA bans you from say FIFA 19, does that affect your account in other EA games as well?

  • Kevin Bencze
    Kevin Bencze Day ago

    Why has he got the fifa points on fifa 19

  • ibby dar
    ibby dar Day ago

    Play pes more than fifa this year please like if you agree

  • Dark 204
    Dark 204 Day ago

    Play Fifa instead of pes

  • Jay-CFilms
    Jay-CFilms Day ago

    Anyone else think Reggie has improved madly from last season. He was by far the best defender on the pitch today!

    JAMALHD Day ago

    Road to glory on PS4 pls 🙏🏽

    • Aloha Tigers
      Aloha Tigers Day ago

      JAMALHD Not gonna be rude but it’s a dead series. But I’ll still watch. But it’s still dead.

  • Olga Silva
    Olga Silva Day ago

    Play fifa Street on the ps2 with tobi

    RHYSYBHOY 03 Day ago

    13:27 daisycutter

  • Riley White
    Riley White Day ago

    Is that will from rebel

  • junior 10
    junior 10 Day ago

    Rtg pls

  • Nart Sekiraca
    Nart Sekiraca Day ago

    Yo where’s Caine

  • 100SubsWidNoVids

    5:32 is where he talks about fifa

  • 100SubsWidNoVids

    Use me as a fifa 20 road to glory button 👇🏾

  • Spencer Hancock

    Ps4 so much better for fifa

  • Ard Nut
    Ard Nut Day ago

    Play the journey

  • Haz Ca
    Haz Ca Day ago

    Isn’t that fifa 19 ?

  • Haaris Naeem
    Haaris Naeem Day ago

    Do a rtg on PS4

  • Ken-Philippe Tete

    Road to glory - Fifa 20!!!!!

    • Aloha Tigers
      Aloha Tigers Day ago

      Ken-Philippe Tete Not gonna be rude but it’s a dead series. But I’ll still watch. But it’s still dead.

  • Watsky
    Watsky Day ago

    guys correct me if im wrong but if u pass the ball with your head to the keeper that doesnt count as a foul or freekick like what happend in the this video or a penalty dont know why but in our country you can pass the ball to the keeper with your head and when i say pass that ball with your head i mean the keeper can catch the ball. Please Come Back To Me!

  • Shembo Belo
    Shembo Belo Day ago

    Hi manny I wanna do FLASH-PLAYER and love playing Fifa got any advice please.

  • gaz
    gaz Day ago

    "this is not gonna be a setup video" *uploads setup video*

  • Oliver Friberg

    do a ps4 rtg would be fun to watch

  • GabrielSpeelt
    GabrielSpeelt Day ago

    Why do you spend money on fifa 19😭

    • Aloha Tigers
      Aloha Tigers Day ago

      GabrielSpeelt Because he’s a youtuber. Money isn’t an issue for him.

    • GabrielSpeelt
      GabrielSpeelt Day ago

      @iHYPERR realy? Wel i didn't k ow that😂

    • iHYPERR
      iHYPERR Day ago

      GabrielSpeelt it transfers to fifa 20 if you use the same EA account

  • Jordan James
    Jordan James Day ago

    Play Fifa plz

  • ItsABigWin
    ItsABigWin Day ago

    why wasnt Tobi playin?

  • Edward Navarro

    Stop complaining about the pitch , there are people that play in dirt , not every field is gonna be perfect for you guys shit