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  • Colin Torres
    Colin Torres 12 minutes ago

    Christian bale will always be the best

    NIKHIL BHATTI 35 minutes ago

    Deja Vu alert : its truely happening💯😍

  • Xvoid 11
    Xvoid 11 43 minutes ago

    Would this still be considered “High School” Musical even tho they don’t go to high school no more?

  • Anurag Singh
    Anurag Singh Hour ago

    I guess this wont be concept anymore..... IT'S HAPPENING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mobile Games
    Mobile Games 2 hours ago

    Это лепка

  • Olga María Del Cid de Yurrita

    This is not a real trailer. 😒😒😒

  • mustafa kılıç
    mustafa kılıç 2 hours ago


  • A Hand
    A Hand 2 hours ago

    1:01 Hug me brother!!!

  • Jonah Webster
    Jonah Webster 2 hours ago

    Bunch of kids/Marvel fans talking trash about Roberts Batman when all they’ve seen him in is twilight

  • nicole_ _yaedeula
    nicole_ _yaedeula 2 hours ago


  • raymeeluna
    raymeeluna 3 hours ago

    Nope! Still not convinced even after trailer. I'll wait to stream it.

  • Not Slim Shady
    Not Slim Shady 3 hours ago

    When I first heard that Robert Pattycake was gonna be Batman I laughed. Then I saw Lighthouse and now I’m excited

  • Christopher Blake
    Christopher Blake 3 hours ago

    Naah I think they're trying to follow what JOKER did with theme...thats all

  • Ender Pheonix
    Ender Pheonix 3 hours ago

    God zilla would easily win. He’s way bigger than King Kong, you need a nuke to kill him, he shoots laser beams and he has children.

  • Lalbiakthangi Chawhte

    I wanna cry 😭😭😭 because I'm so so so happy , my happiness will be about infinity . They are coming back together in 2020 I have been waiting for my whole life ( since I become their fan ) 😅😅Love you Chandler , Monica , Ross , Rachel , Joey , Phoebe . And thanks to the manager and others for making friends for us . 😍😍😍😘😘😘💘💘❤️❤️❤️💖💖💋❣️

  • Mario Alfredo Alvarez Marroquin

    Ojalá saliera la cuarta parte dé high school musical amigo

  • NopcatVerse
    NopcatVerse 4 hours ago

    Avengers and Pacific Rim Eh

  • Cristian-Andrei Jercan

    This guy will be the best batman

  • Jesse Langeland
    Jesse Langeland 4 hours ago

    He might be able to pull it off as long as he doesn't sparkle in the moonlight

  • Trini Nores
    Trini Nores 4 hours ago

    Please dont ruin it

  • Maurício
    Maurício 4 hours ago


  • Christian Couture
    Christian Couture 4 hours ago

    Not digging the suit

  • Xavier Gonzalez
    Xavier Gonzalez 4 hours ago

    jeep:runs from t rex me: :D (nastalga

  • A Ovee
    A Ovee 4 hours ago

    *Joker turned into vampire- Morbius* *Vampire turned into- Batman* *These are confusing times.*

  • Ralph Ralph
    Ralph Ralph 4 hours ago

    bosta justo essa merda de autor pura bosta ele e gay

  • Asm
    Asm 5 hours ago

    Who is here after they announced their reunion ?🥳

  • Leumas Yatse
    Leumas Yatse 5 hours ago

    porque hace esas caras de puto cada vez que puede 1:13

  • Oliver
    Oliver 5 hours ago

    Wait the red color.... red hood maybe!?

  • Robert Lake
    Robert Lake 5 hours ago

    Robert Pattison as batman??? What a joke. After Joker i figured the DCEU was making a turn around. Apparently they are going for the gay male and teenage girl demographic for this movie. I refuse to watch this or any DCEU film so long as Robert Pattinson is Batman. Good job DC, if you ever wondered why your movies do half as well as Marvel films this is why. I would rather watch female ghostbusters than watch Robert Pattison as Batman.

  • dillon nguyen
    dillon nguyen 5 hours ago

    Megagodzilla is a villain

  • Amauris Vasquez
    Amauris Vasquez 5 hours ago

    Pattinson means money. Lots of milenials will assist to theater cause him.

  • rarasrap TV
    rarasrap TV 5 hours ago

    Its happen, friends will reunion🥺

  • Jacob Elemento
    Jacob Elemento 5 hours ago

    0:35 thata in geostorm

  • Small beginnings
    Small beginnings 6 hours ago

    They took Arkham games seriously! Ima piss maself.

  • The Synergist
    The Synergist 6 hours ago

    Dudes please just go back to a slightly different version of the Dark Knight movie bat suit

  • J Lakatos
    J Lakatos 6 hours ago

    They will let anyone play batman won't they???

  • Seun Gabriel
    Seun Gabriel 7 hours ago

    Why is it looking like daredevil ??

  • micha McV.
    micha McV. 7 hours ago

    i dont like the change in king kongs high ... lets prognosticate : there will be a fistfightbetween animal(pet) like titans and the storyline will still makes no sense, like in the previous parts.. And next time we will see new robo-gozilla.vers.1 stronger than any other titan or alientech which the head of ghidorah and renerating like shingozilla (becouse hollywood will copy it) , -which is the opposite of the first human robots from the original series which barely funktioned prototypes in the storyline.

  • It's only natural
    It's only natural 7 hours ago

    These are just trailers from 2 different movies

  • Mar1on3tt3 Marionette

    If the indominus rex isn’t in this I am going to be furious

  • xtremez
    xtremez 7 hours ago

    Its finally happening for real now

  • Solitary
    Solitary 7 hours ago

    Tf Kong finna do to Godzilla? The nigga got like 30 meters on him. This nigga Kong fights little lizard rats and spiders, CuhZilla be on the set battling Aliens with three heads that can shoot lightning. Godzilla 3-0

  • Rafafa Fefe
    Rafafa Fefe 7 hours ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaa seu porra

  • Ammarah Syal
    Ammarah Syal 8 hours ago

    I see the D.C. Titans scenes 😉

  • Victoria Adewale
    Victoria Adewale 8 hours ago

    hashtag came here for millie

  • Jasmine Eldaly
    Jasmine Eldaly 8 hours ago

    This is available now in cinema?

  • El Ultimo Soltero Fachero

    Muy bueno

  • Lucy GP
    Lucy GP 8 hours ago

    They are both going to stop mid-fight when they realized that both of their mom’s are names Martha

  • nice guy
    nice guy 8 hours ago

    I was surprised to see this teaser, but people said it's not real...

  • Gav Riddell
    Gav Riddell 8 hours ago

    I think There’s an Easter egg at the end when he’s on the train he looks at the clown sleeping and you can hear the same laugh as the joker (Phoenix) might be wrong tho but sounds like that dodgy laugh 😂

  • Flying double leg
    Flying double leg 8 hours ago


  • Mac anderson
    Mac anderson 9 hours ago

    Click bate

  • James Michael
    James Michael 9 hours ago

    Please let that score be the theme for the movie

  • Mm Mm
    Mm Mm 9 hours ago

    Looks shit

  • kara smith
    kara smith 9 hours ago

    Do we really need another Batman movie that starts from the beginning?

  • Dom Ferro
    Dom Ferro 9 hours ago

    Might as well get George Clooney’s suit back

  • Dom Ferro
    Dom Ferro 9 hours ago

    Nooooooo just fucking no!! Change this mother fucking bat suit now! Total garbage! Learn from sonic you satanic Hollywood fucks!

  • Jose Suarez
    Jose Suarez 9 hours ago

    Ojalá me equivoque, pero... ¡mamasita qué mala pinta tiene esto!

  • Sarah Mann
    Sarah Mann 10 hours ago

    Why must you lie to me

  • Laura Frau Pérez
    Laura Frau Pérez 10 hours ago

    I want to cry

  • Fulano De tal
    Fulano De tal 10 hours ago


  • Fulano De tal
    Fulano De tal 10 hours ago

    THATS IT NO SPISERMAN NO BATMAN FOR ME... DC AND WB.. totaly kill them for me..👎👎👎

  • Fulano De tal
    Fulano De tal 10 hours ago


  • Fulano De tal
    Fulano De tal 10 hours ago


  • Fulano De tal
    Fulano De tal 10 hours ago


  • Pico is a BOT
    Pico is a BOT 10 hours ago

    Boi you clickbaiter

  • Neil mucha najarro
    Neil mucha najarro 10 hours ago

    Simplemente no es digno

  • Tomík N.
    Tomík N. 10 hours ago

    He looks like bullseye in daredevils suit but i dont mind it

  • SpikyDane
    SpikyDane 11 hours ago

    is this same universe as the Joker (2019) movie?

    Da BLAZINGBRYAN 11 hours ago

    I’m going to predict the same as most others but take it a little further. I predict Godzilla And Kong fight Mecha Godzilla and Mecha-Ghidorah. They split apart after they’re fight and it’s 2 one on ones. I’d love to see Kong wrangle mecha ghidorahs three heads like the squid from the first movie.

  • phooopy
    phooopy 11 hours ago

    Fix his suit first

  • Madison Busby
    Madison Busby 11 hours ago

    OMG yasssssss hopefully this happens?

  • Team ZuRa
    Team ZuRa 11 hours ago

    It's all fun and games until minya shows up and annihilates all of the Monsters.

  • blocket 230
    blocket 230 11 hours ago

    This mask is so bad

  • Nindy Law
    Nindy Law 11 hours ago

    Don't get the batman vibe from him... so its dislike

  • BakemonoShiz
    BakemonoShiz 11 hours ago

    I'm still low key undecided what's better; the music or the suit

  • Morice Sotto
    Morice Sotto 11 hours ago

    Hahahaha 18m wtf

  • S C
    S C 11 hours ago

    Yeah but does it sparkle? 😡

  • T Tribble
    T Tribble 12 hours ago

    Oh good....all comic books movie have F bombs now

  • Cody Skipper
    Cody Skipper 12 hours ago

    I thought this was Daredevil from the thunbnail

  • Gentle neal
    Gentle neal 12 hours ago

    this dudes got one hell of a chin

  • Patrick Murray
    Patrick Murray 12 hours ago


  • Keroub Emmanuel
    Keroub Emmanuel 12 hours ago

    I’m sorry but wtf lmao. We can’t see shit

  • serback1
    serback1 12 hours ago

    Nah, ain't impressed with the look, even George Clooney looked better with his batsuit.

  • Mushroom Head
    Mushroom Head 12 hours ago

    Why?! Why would you chose Robert Pattinson?! Who on the production staff decided “oh you know that guy who ruined vampires for everyone? Robert Pattisomething? Yeah hire him as Batman! It’ll be fine!” This will suck! Adam West would be a better choice! And he’s a corpse!

    • Frederic Dorra Music
      Frederic Dorra Music 10 hours ago

      Mushroom Head u for real rn ?

    • Wodahs Night
      Wodahs Night 12 hours ago

      Mushroom Head you do realize this dude has other roles other then twilight which he has stated how he didn’t really like twilight. No one hired the guy based off of one movie franchise that has mixed reviews.

  • Poli Gonzo
    Poli Gonzo 12 hours ago

    The worst shit ever

  • Bullo 228
    Bullo 228 12 hours ago

    I will not SUB you moron! remove the inscription from the screen you freak

  • Alpine
    Alpine 13 hours ago

    As much as a second Interstellar would be amazing, as it is my favourite film ever, I feel like the risk of ruining it all would be too great

  • Dennis Barber
    Dennis Barber 13 hours ago

    ESPN needs to get down on this.....what do you say Steven A.???!😂

  • JACKMAN9988
    JACKMAN9988 13 hours ago


  • Anaya Samedy
    Anaya Samedy 13 hours ago


  • Halil Can
    Halil Can 13 hours ago

    ne diyor şimdi anlamadım

  • sally kilby
    sally kilby 13 hours ago

    I'd love to see a Fallout Movie, pleeeaaase. 🙏😀

  • B W
    B W 14 hours ago

    Stupid movie. I hope it flops.

  • Galina Golden
    Galina Golden 14 hours ago

    Robert Pattinson is one of the best actors now, he gives a lot to his roles.

  • Nikki Adrian
    Nikki Adrian 15 hours ago

    i just want chris hemsworth in lead

    KADURU SREENU 15 hours ago

    Nice work bat movie very good

  • Christian Berduo
    Christian Berduo 15 hours ago

    Godzilla win.

  • Jack Cox
    Jack Cox 15 hours ago

    For all thoughts saying it looks like daredevil, you now this is marketing people subtitling saying if you liked daredevil you’ll like this, it’s not copying. Guess it was too subtle

  • Y.S
    Y.S 15 hours ago

    it should be two movies or trilogy with the dlcs first one to climb high hrotgar and facing alduin for the first time there the second fighting him in sovngarde and the third against harkon and miraaak or harkon could be included in the second movie