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  • sean Burke
    sean Burke 7 hours ago

    she had more pricks than a dartboard

  • mai chinhamora
    mai chinhamora 8 hours ago

    She was dancing in loubs wow am amazed

  • mai chinhamora
    mai chinhamora 8 hours ago

    What a talented family Motsi and Oti

  • sean Burke
    sean Burke 8 hours ago

    she had more pricks than a dartboard

  • Mary Cor
    Mary Cor 9 hours ago

    Sweet Caroline,angel, we love you in heavenly peace💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Mary Cor
    Mary Cor 10 hours ago

    Miss you Caroline,rest in perfecte peace our sweet heart, we loved so much, especially your giggly laugh.sweet angel☺️💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • jaymie mcgregor
    jaymie mcgregor 10 hours ago

    R.I.P Ms Flack 🍀🍀🍀🍀❤❤❤❤❤

  • Mary Cor
    Mary Cor 10 hours ago

    Be the angel you always were sweetheart,rest in perfect peace,love you 💖💖💖💖

  • West Male
    West Male 11 hours ago

    I sincerely hope BBC and strictly pay a massive tribute this season to this amazing beautiful woman who set the bar so very very high . Thankful in one way we are able to watch her stunning performances she has graced us with for ever. RIP Caroline thank you for the memories. x

  • Tina Correia
    Tina Correia 11 hours ago

    What a beautiful human being taken too early RIP Caroline Flack

  • Sophie McInnes
    Sophie McInnes 11 hours ago

    I didn’t realise her death would affect me as much as it has I remember seeing her everywhere on my telly growing up and now she’s gone things won’t be the same Fly high Caroline xx

  • Liam Johnson
    Liam Johnson 11 hours ago

    This is how I'll remember her. RIP Caroline

  • maDeiNtHe80s
    maDeiNtHe80s 12 hours ago

    This gives me tears ..we love you Gladys Knight

  • Taroneg
    Taroneg 13 hours ago

    I thought people would be here from peaky but the music is terrible why don’t they just use the original track which is amazing!

  • Polly Bramall
    Polly Bramall 13 hours ago

    God bless xxxxx

  • The Frys
    The Frys 14 hours ago

    😫😫😭🕊🕊👼 RIP caroline flack you will be missed 💗

  • Jane Stanhope
    Jane Stanhope 15 hours ago

    RIP Sweetie

  • Kyale
    Kyale 15 hours ago

    So moving

  • Carmen Flores
    Carmen Flores 16 hours ago

    Wonderful dancer!!

  • Malu __
    Malu __ 16 hours ago

    Still love them n always will

  • catoxclove .
    catoxclove . 17 hours ago

    rip angel

  • Angelic Erin
    Angelic Erin 17 hours ago

    ♥️ love you caroline, rest in peace

  • Sara D
    Sara D 17 hours ago

    I hope you're somewhere dancing without a care💃🕊 still breaks my heart rest in peace💔♥

  • abigail lee
    abigail lee 18 hours ago

    Rest in peace beautiful. You didn't realise how loved you were by the nation. We Love You 🌻❤️

  • cheah tiong
    cheah tiong 18 hours ago

    Wow super dancer

  • Thomas Banana Splat
    Thomas Banana Splat 19 hours ago

    I would love to see strictly live at Birmingham arena or Blackpool Tower so for 2020 I am coming strictly, for the night I am going to be coming to Strictly!!!!!!!

  • insight
    insight 19 hours ago


  • Thomas Banana Splat
    Thomas Banana Splat 19 hours ago

    I love Diane and Dev well mostly Diane well I like Joe sugg Just to say love you Joe well done for making it to the final and congrats to Stacey and Kevin but good partnership Joe and Diane but you did win the tour for 2018!!👍👍👍 you guys rock

  • CANDYANGEL200823
    CANDYANGEL200823 19 hours ago

    The ending with the spin is just spot on

  • Юлия Люблян
    Юлия Люблян 20 hours ago

    💙💛💙💛UA 🌞 👍👍👍

  • kerryAnn Thomas
    kerryAnn Thomas 20 hours ago

    Her ex's IG story (the 'victim ') was so heartbreaking. Embarrassment killed her. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN AGAIN

  • michael Longford
    michael Longford 20 hours ago

    She really was beautiful like diamonds in the sky. Shine bright sweetheart.

  • Aaron Wilkins
    Aaron Wilkins 23 hours ago

    The real winners in my eyes...

  • Eddie
    Eddie Day ago


  • caroline o Connor

    Was so thrilled for her when she won rest in peace lovely Caroline

  • Nita Anderson
    Nita Anderson Day ago

    This was amazing

  • Tony Tate
    Tony Tate Day ago

    “The scores” 😂🤣

  • Alonsomusica
    Alonsomusica Day ago

    I didn’t know what language it was until I figured out they were trying to sing it in Spanish!! They murdered that song. Not even a good try.

  • Jinkai Huang
    Jinkai Huang Day ago

    It’s really racist

    • Jinkai Huang
      Jinkai Huang 11 hours ago

      DavidLondon I’m not Turkish,but racism is racism,white people dressing up as ethnic people is racist,and me typing in English is because I’m open to learn different language,I can do this in Chinese as well.And at least I show my face unlike you hiding behind the internet defending racism,keep you LOL to yourself,you’re only showing people how ignorant you are

    • DavidLondon
      DavidLondon 12 hours ago

      @Jinkai Huang seriously, you talk about cultural appropriation ...what about our English language which you are using now? I don’t mind people who are not English using it: how open-minded of me. So, a dance routine using a song about Istanbul should not contain allusions to Turkey? You really are idiotic! By the way , you use “we”: are you actually Turkish? Or are you appropriating some imagined Turkish hurt feelings on the part of Turks who might be offended by this? Please answer again because every time you do you make me LOL! And, after laughing, I will watch and enjoy this charming dance routine again. PS: only part of Istanbul is in Asia...the other part is in Europe.

    • Jinkai Huang
      Jinkai Huang 20 hours ago

      DavidLondon Racism on all levels are offensive and it’s often time small thing like these in school,workplaces keeps happening,and eventually we are fed up with it,and you talking like this is nothing just shows how ignorant and bigoted you are.White ppl dressing up as minorities is racist and you’ll understand why if you were a open minded person. P.S I think I’m good with my “grip” how about you go read a book and gain some culture ?

    • DavidLondon
      DavidLondon 20 hours ago

      @Jinkai Huang exactly! You have NO sense of see racism “everywhere”. Well, I see BS in your comments and that’s why I called you out. Really, get a grip. The heroes of the American civil rights movement - people like Martin Luther King - fought for really important change for the victims of racism. Your comments help nobody but have just made you seem foolish. As far as I am aware, the BBC received zero complaints from anyone about this dance routine and Pasha often has a tanned complexion and Caroline certainly did not “brown up”...

    • Jinkai Huang
      Jinkai Huang 21 hour ago

      DavidLondon it’s not ridiculous, racism is everywhere,there’s no difference between big and small,brown face is so outdated and racist,and I call one out whenever I see one.

  • G. Anna Smith
    G. Anna Smith Day ago

    Caroline Flacks talented and highly skilled dancing performance will be remembered forever!!!!❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Lucy Maynard
    Lucy Maynard Day ago

    Can’t believe we won’t see her on tv ever again! She didn’t deserve to go just like that 😟

  • Lucy Maynard
    Lucy Maynard Day ago

    She Always looked so happy ❤️ We just couldn’t see this coming at all

  • Arabella Sommers

    God Bless You Caroline

  • Jeanette Mayne

    The best I have seen since Vincent and Flavia !

  • hannad123100
    hannad123100 Day ago

    She was a joy. My heart aches

  • Hannah Xx
    Hannah Xx Day ago

    Eventhough nobody knew her personally I feel she connected with people so well just though the screen of a device.My heart goes out to Caroline’s family.I hope your happy now Caroline and thank you for Entertaining me.Rest in peace Caroline.

  • jill M
    jill M Day ago

    Tributes from itv and dancing colleagues where are they

  • jill M
    jill M Day ago

    Tributes from her dancing colleagues where where where ?

  • jill M
    jill M Day ago

    Why are there no tributes from the strictly team

  • Sandra Saunders

    IAM Absolutely sad!!!!!!😢😢😢😢😢. Rip. Words do hurt!!!!!!!!😢😢😢

  • Lynsey Malone
    Lynsey Malone Day ago

    Really really want anton to be back on strictly come dancing this year and to win it this time, those rumours are not true that he's leaving🤨🤨🤨🤨

  • Kaz 78
    Kaz 78 Day ago

    Rest in peace Caroline-Flack ❤️

  • Denise Kehoe
    Denise Kehoe Day ago

    It's 2020 and this is still for me the best dance on Strictly over all the series. It is breathtaking every single time I watch it, every second of it is just exquisite perfection.

  • Declan Paxton
    Declan Paxton Day ago

    RIP. Angel ❤❤❤

  • Gina
    Gina Day ago

    I am so sorry that Caroline has gone. I hope that people who watch this can see it it for what it is, a perfectly executed dance, with precision and wit and talent. My favourite Strictly dance, whether Caroline is here or not. Credit to Pasha, too.

  • voomy
    voomy Day ago

    blooooody legend man

  • sean Burke
    sean Burke Day ago

    a narcissist dancing. how quaint!!

  • Lynsey Malone
    Lynsey Malone Day ago

    The same song Emma and anton danced to in Blackpool last year !!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • alice Hayes
    alice Hayes Day ago

    Such a shame.u never know whats going on in someones head😞

  • C Daily
    C Daily Day ago

    #restinpeace #rip Caroline

  • The Patricks
    The Patricks Day ago

    rip caroline we loved u and we love u still xx

  • kimberley warren

    An angel rip beautiful 😢

  • Sophie Rachel
    Sophie Rachel Day ago

    Oul grumpy Len never was fair to them...thier quickstep was fabulous as well

  • claire larravide

    Oh god.. this song makes me cry at the best of times... RIP Caroline... ❤️❤️

  • Sophie Rachel
    Sophie Rachel Day ago

    Full marks for the singing

  • Sophie Rachel
    Sophie Rachel Day ago

    They were soooo robbed

  • Sophie Rachel
    Sophie Rachel Day ago

    Seriously 100 for this superb performance ..Oti is out of this world

  • George Simmons

    She was clearly practising her arm swings to cause her partner’s head to nearly cave in whilst he slept ☝️

  • michael Longford

    I just wish she could have found the strength to stay. My heart goes out to her family and friends, I'm so sorry for your loss.

  • Tram Hicks
    Tram Hicks Day ago

    She was a good dancer.

  • Tram Hicks
    Tram Hicks Day ago

    She was very upsetting about she lost her job and she lost her boyfriend and then she have to going to court. She must loved her job on television show l can tell.

  • Tram Hicks
    Tram Hicks Day ago

    She was talented.

  • Tracey Smith
    Tracey Smith Day ago

    Rest in pease now caroline. You were amazing at everything you did. Petty it had to end this way. X

  • Tram Hicks
    Tram Hicks Day ago

    I enjoy watching her dancing on television. She was fun to see.

  • Tram Hicks
    Tram Hicks Day ago

    Caroline seemed nice and normal.

  • Aimee Peace
    Aimee Peace Day ago

    This is so bittersweet now, RIP Caroline 😭💔

  • Ashwin Chauhan

    So pretty. So full of life. So sad. 😢

  • David A Townsend

    Another victim of mental disorder - so sad!

    • Hayley B
      Hayley B Day ago

      Takes one to know one. Bless your heart.

  • snoopydog 98
    snoopydog 98 Day ago

    In a world where you can be anything - be kind. Rip Caroline Flack 💕💕

  • LittleLeigh
    LittleLeigh Day ago


  • Dale Bradshaw
    Dale Bradshaw Day ago

    RIP caroline - such a poignant piece of art work

  • Freya Wilson
    Freya Wilson Day ago

    Aljaz is a blessing

  • maddog167
    maddog167 2 days ago

    I’ll never tire of watching this amazing performance.

  • xofficialholliemay musicx


  • Alyssa Widdowson
    Alyssa Widdowson 2 days ago

    Rest in Peace Caroline, this dance was incredible! Your death has really hit me more than what I would’ve imagined and that’s because it was so easily preventable. The media and the internet trolls are to blame for this immense loss. I’m so sorry and I hope you’re dancing like this up there!

  • Joanne Fan Xx
    Joanne Fan Xx 2 days ago

    0:35 always catches me x

  • Joanne Fan Xx
    Joanne Fan Xx 2 days ago

    One of my favourites x

  • Fernandes de Mendonca

    Why 9? This is a 15 point performance. Wow. Brazilian hugs. Well done ! Profissional skills level

  • joelarama
    joelarama 2 days ago

    I’ve spoken to a couple of friends that knew Caroline. They have said that she was a truly beautiful, kind soul. She didn’t deserve to have been treated the way she was. Horrid gossip in the press and hurtful hate on social media. What an absolute tragedy. Such a talent and a sensitive spirit. RIP sweet girl.

  • Dila Dedaj
    Dila Dedaj 2 days ago

    Love the Backstreet Boys been a fan for 26 years

  • Blue Bear
    Blue Bear 2 days ago

    I cant get over how beautiful this performance is ❤❤

  • Decco Major
    Decco Major 2 days ago

    Thank flu&k Caroline whatever Flack died, one less perverted pedro on this earth, oh & those defend her need to look at her past history, she dated & had sexed with an underaged Male, beat up a guy plus took drugs. Now if that was a guy what would the public think of him.

    • DavidLondon
      DavidLondon Day ago

      Silly, childish, sad troll. She never dated anyone underage and you know it. She was more of a danger to herself than anyone else. She was kind and considerate to those she met, particularly the people who were not the big names in showbiz. All that talent and that zest for life gone for no good reason.

    • Dave Mellor
      Dave Mellor 2 days ago

      You my friend are a very sad person,We all make mistakes in life,she was a troubled soul,but a good person,she is in eternal peace now,but you my friend writing shit like this will have a sad life if you think like this of others...

  • Kaz 78
    Kaz 78 2 days ago

    God bless you Caroline-Flack, rest in sweet peace ❤️🙏🏻😢

  • RubyRoseRivers
    RubyRoseRivers 2 days ago


  • VASTFLYER 232••••••••

    Karen should go back to long hair. She suits it

  • PP
    PP 2 days ago

    Stunning!! xxxx

  • PP
    PP 2 days ago

    So so sad!!! My heart goes out to her family, Lewis her boyfriend and friends!!! ....I can't stop crying ....

  • Jason Diaz
    Jason Diaz 2 days ago

    Español forzado

  • Angela Vanstone
    Angela Vanstone 2 days ago

    Lovely talented lady, RIP xx

  • Jennifer Riley
    Jennifer Riley 2 days ago

    In this dance joe does look like he belongs on the set of Peaky Blinders.