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  • Daryl Huang
    Daryl Huang 2 hours ago

    when will you play man of medan again

  • Pierce Animations
    Pierce Animations 2 hours ago

    You Chรถp You Lose

  • KurryCane
    KurryCane 2 hours ago

    I literally watched the whole 12 hour mc stream

  • Rose
    Rose 2 hours ago


  • Ajlez
    Ajlez 2 hours ago

    Level 69, nice.

  • Ele
    Ele 2 hours ago

    Anyone going to talk about Felixs poop retraction

  • Dheela Pappu
    Dheela Pappu 2 hours ago

    6:39 not really .......he is handsome

  • Post lang ng Post
    Post lang ng Post 2 hours ago

    Wolf time saga.

  • Itsjclaud
    Itsjclaud 2 hours ago


  • Heleve Joergon
    Heleve Joergon 2 hours ago

    My wife and I decided to name our new 10 hour old son Sven today. Needless to say, we're going to have some explaining to do! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Donโ€™t click on my profile picture

    Recommended September 2019? ๐Ÿ‘‡

  • ayden chartier
    ayden chartier 2 hours ago

    That was the best outro to date.

  • Kirby
    Kirby 2 hours ago

    When 2018 pewdiepie wasnt in the rewind. *well who cares we have our rewind time of pewdiepie*

  • Deep Thinkers
    Deep Thinkers 2 hours ago

    It's 101 million mf

  • ใƒ…ElSanti
    ใƒ…ElSanti 2 hours ago

    *This guy should start making more videos..* *He's a very good person!*

  • sushant tripathi
    sushant tripathi 2 hours ago

    who is this pig

  • Dieu Ha Xuan
    Dieu Ha Xuan 2 hours ago

    Press F to respay with WaterSheep

  • Aso Iro
    Aso Iro 2 hours ago

    The girl with glasses and tattoo is so cute. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Glitchmaster64
    Glitchmaster64 2 hours ago

    fridays with pewdiepie???

  • Janny Wu
    Janny Wu 2 hours ago

    Makes a second song for its 1 year old birthday dude!

  • ฤแบกt Hแป“ng Cao

    What it on 2x :)))

  • Mj Lacerna
    Mj Lacerna 2 hours ago

    Pewdie no need to worry u are still the youtube king but t-series is just the most subscribe channel I still love your videos

  • Slecks
    Slecks 2 hours ago

    I remember watching this the good times :(

  • Fox Hub
    Fox Hub 2 hours ago

    No joke, at 13:51 the tree looks like a part of the middle section is out

  • XxThunderPlayzxX -
    XxThunderPlayzxX - 2 hours ago

    Hell me reach 30 subs pls

  • The Marti
    The Marti 2 hours ago


  • Heks Tek
    Heks Tek 2 hours ago

    Thanks now im scared to sit on my chair

  • jojo-zodiac
    jojo-zodiac 2 hours ago

    When pewdiepie laughs Me: lemme take this for my phone

  • BTS Lifeu
    BTS Lifeu 2 hours ago

    yoongi-ah!! you are a masterpiece

  • Leo555
    Leo555 2 hours ago

    Where can i get pewdiepies texture pack

  • Isaac 1234ggg
    Isaac 1234ggg 2 hours ago

    No hablo ingles Pikis panish

  • Vijendra Shyam
    Vijendra Shyam 2 hours ago

    2020 anyone

  • VGN Virus
    VGN Virus 2 hours ago

    At 5:17 , its ula brita and sven!

  • Dheela Pappu
    Dheela Pappu 2 hours ago

    5:29 ... Thats not possible india will always lose...... Btw some love frm (unfortunately) india to the no. one (for me) utuber

  • Riley Kwak
    Riley Kwak 2 hours ago

    I would like it if you made more minecraft and less meme vids pewds pls

  • Prinz Eugen
    Prinz Eugen 2 hours ago

    GOOD THING PEWDIEPIE! Iโ€™m trying to learn Swedish!

  • Emma Mathewson
    Emma Mathewson 2 hours ago

    ok but y nobody is mentioning the the toothpick one i screamed

  • oyun odasฤฑ
    oyun odasฤฑ 2 hours ago


  • water sheep
    water sheep 2 hours ago

    a good amount of laughs XD


    Congratulations brother to reach this milestone. Love from India๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿฅฐ

  • hunterjweathers
    hunterjweathers 2 hours ago

    Tiny Lights? #lowirongang

  • NixonBlaze
    NixonBlaze 2 hours ago

    Guys at 11:47 the game says "JamesCharles Joined the game"

  • Basanta Thapa
    Basanta Thapa 2 hours ago

    pewds need to rescue a husky and name him sven

  • #23 Gaming
    #23 Gaming 2 hours ago


  • mmatrix96
    mmatrix96 2 hours ago

    Insta of the guy at the end: janerichsen

  • Nano Vigliocco
    Nano Vigliocco 2 hours ago

    Now this is quality content

  • Akash Sharma
    Akash Sharma 2 hours ago

    Thanosining? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • nach
    nach 2 hours ago

    YLYL over half lost in less than 8 seconds

  • Saad Khan
    Saad Khan 2 hours ago

    Pewds finally uploaded 1080p

  • NoobMaster69
    NoobMaster69 2 hours ago

    Anyone notice that James Charles joined the game and then left

  • Ali Ozan Altun
    Ali Ozan Altun 2 hours ago

    I'll keep watching this thing whole my entire life...

  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny 2 hours ago

    Chair: *breaks* Pewds: BUY MY CHAIR FOR $399

  • Azriel Ackerman
    Azriel Ackerman 2 hours ago

    That spaghetti meme thing through the piercing hole makes me cringe so much I cant even watch it

  • ne0wman
    ne0wman 2 hours ago

    But PewDiePie i have tried Tuber Simulator I swear

  • Bakchutee Bakchuti kora hobe

    Place, You Give Me Popular My This Channel

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol 2 hours ago

    There will a new biome vote on September 28 live

  • rst brand
    rst brand 2 hours ago

    maderchod bsdk gandu pagal h tu gandu

  • Aarzoo Mahendru
    Aarzoo Mahendru 2 hours ago

    8:25 that's it

  • eclipse ghost
    eclipse ghost 2 hours ago

    I donโ€™t use a chair, I use a couch

    SQEEZE the CHEESE 2 hours ago

    I was eating spaghetti when the tiktok one showed up โ˜น๏ธ Thanks tiktok for ruining spaghetti for me ๐Ÿคฎ

  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny 2 hours ago

    Iโ€™m sorry Pewds I laughed in this video ๐Ÿ˜”

  • Mr Redzuan
    Mr Redzuan 2 hours ago

    Pewdiepie on floating chair. Thanos : _Am I a joke to you?_

  • ne0wman
    ne0wman 2 hours ago

    But PewDiePie i have played Tuber Simulator

  • Shutter Bug
    Shutter Bug 2 hours ago

    Sometimes you think he is an intellectual then you find out he retracts his poo

  • Jose Cervantes
    Jose Cervantes 2 hours ago

    React harder ๐Ÿ˜ก

  • Qualava
    Qualava 2 hours ago

    โ€œWhy do I laugh at myself Iโ€™m not even joking.โ€

  • NoobMaster69
    NoobMaster69 2 hours ago

    Pewds when animal is alive I HATE YOU!! Pewds when animal dies He was like a father to me

  • Garf Magillicudy
    Garf Magillicudy 2 hours ago

    Who kissed there screen

  • Garf Magillicudy
    Garf Magillicudy 2 hours ago


  • TruffleRocket
    TruffleRocket 2 hours ago

    This video should be called meme compilation but with a jpg of pewdiepie in the corner

  • Antonino Cuffaro
    Antonino Cuffaro 2 hours ago

    That beginning part, thatโ€™s my school!!! They dress like crap for skater day!!!! Iโ€™m so like, distorted bro!!!

  • Beefy Daddy
    Beefy Daddy 2 hours ago

    Pewdiepie doesnโ€™t deserve FLASH-PLAYER Rewind FLASH-PLAYER Rewind doesnโ€™t deserve him either

  • Alfian alpe
    Alfian alpe 2 hours ago

    everest is melting guys . amazon forest si burning.

  • Random fights
    Random fights 2 hours ago

    Me:can we stop eating ashes Also me: snorts dried up cat water

  • dellux X
    dellux X 2 hours ago


  • ShrimpZ
    ShrimpZ 2 hours ago

    Pewds: makes fun of Billie Eilish 14 year old girls in the comment section: *So you have chosen death*

  • Lindsey Ellis
    Lindsey Ellis 2 hours ago

    eff you pewdiepie, stop being so funny

  • Uslanmaz Yasin
    Uslanmaz Yasin 2 hours ago

    Tรผrkler burda mฤฑ bismillah โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ท

  • Monkey Playzz
    Monkey Playzz 2 hours ago

    i ain't sitting on my chair again

  • ์นด์ด๋ฃจ์ดTV

    guy destroying pasta: *breaks pasta* Marzia: *internally screaming*

  • Charmyne Villanueva
    Charmyne Villanueva 2 hours ago

    3:35 im fricking eating wtf

  • Liliana J
    Liliana J 2 hours ago

    Step 1. Go to YT Search Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Draw PewDiePie and Marzia Step 3. Enjoy! Felix and Marzia's wedding I know, mate," said Ron, who looked as though he had recently been hit on the back of the head with a Bludger, "so it's now or never, isn't it?" "Never mind that, what about the Horcrux?" Harry shouted.

  • Konata
    Konata 2 hours ago

    That wasn't even guilt by association, it was guilt by _proximity_

  • gusti gamer
    gusti gamer 2 hours ago

    I don't cry .. You cry

  • Im TheBotDotCom
    Im TheBotDotCom 2 hours ago

    the song pew is using for feigi is undertales shop

  • Monkey Playzz
    Monkey Playzz 2 hours ago

    who else gets aroused by Pewdiepie

  • Aaron Martini
    Aaron Martini 2 hours ago


  • Minato Aft
    Minato Aft 2 hours ago

    I louse I can't stop I slav ahahahahahaaahahaahahahahahahahaahahhahahahah๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

  • denis- Joshua20
    denis- Joshua20 2 hours ago


  • Fatih Kamil
    Fatih Kamil 2 hours ago

    [\__/] ( โ€ข - โ€ข ) | >โค

  • Lord Snow
    Lord Snow 2 hours ago

    Bitch lasagna leftovers

  • Dante Fury
    Dante Fury 2 hours ago


  • Brayden Call
    Brayden Call 2 hours ago

    First meme, Higley High, boom baby we made it

  • Crystalize Mapping
    Crystalize Mapping 2 hours ago

    water sheep reincarnated as feigi

  • HyperFrosty
    HyperFrosty 2 hours ago

    *Laughs in beetroot*

  • Esther Yan
    Esther Yan 2 hours ago

    11:17 I can't breathe

    MACK DADDY 2 hours ago

    No one: PewdiePie wearing a beanie

  • End - Man
    End - Man 2 hours ago

    He is honest is and person beatiful.

  • mar 1332244
    mar 1332244 2 hours ago

    This is bassicly ylyl

  • ttracs 149
    ttracs 149 2 hours ago

    Pewds: has chairs are dangerous, you are probably sitting on one right now Me sitting on a metal dining table chair: ๐Ÿ‘-๐Ÿ‘