💩5 Ways to Fix Man Utd💩 (Ole's At The Wheel!)

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • ✋Please note: these shit cartoons are not made for kids in anyway. They contain swearing, cartoon violence and non-children themes✋
    How else could Man Utd fix their problems?
    Thanks to Alexander Zarabi for the Ole's at the Wheel idea!
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Comments • 100

  • Fizzy Wizzy 30
    Fizzy Wizzy 30 2 days ago +1

    I like how Fred Became better!

  • zsilaszz YT
    zsilaszz YT 5 days ago +1

    Rashford is a worldclass striker

  • John Delfin
    John Delfin 5 days ago

    bribe referees

  • Ashish Sharma
    Ashish Sharma 10 days ago

    With the arrival of brunooo, mood has been changed now.

  • yvonne orourke
    yvonne orourke 10 days ago

    Number 6 sign Paulo dybala

  • francisco rodriguez castellano

    2:29 ahahahahaha 2-3 Atlético

  • the bomber
    the bomber 22 days ago

    i know how to get an actual striker it is Ole Gunnar Solskjær

  • Saleh Aljetawi
    Saleh Aljetawi 23 days ago +2

    As a Liverpool fan when they say we still got Adrian all I can think is Chelsea and Athletico.

  • Tipul Pistolar ツ #țiară

    6.Getting Nani because he is good

  • Babatinashe Dan
    Babatinashe Dan 28 days ago

    Man united ain't that bad

  • Veni & Vasko
    Veni & Vasko 29 days ago

    I already fixed Man Utd on FM20 and now they are 1st in the league 😂😂😂

  • Tadeo Llosa
    Tadeo Llosa Month ago

    Rshsfor fred and pogba are really on of the best man u players

  • AcecognitoYT
    AcecognitoYT Month ago

    please just give some actually decent advice on how to fix it'd or don't at all. It is really annoying when you do this (I am a fan)
    and UTD are actually doing better than Arsenal

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith Month ago

    Look at rashford now

  • Phyllis Dillion
    Phyllis Dillion Month ago

    With Bruno fernandes

  • Phyllis Dillion
    Phyllis Dillion Month ago

    Now there a little bit better

  • #ShadowShiny Gyrados

    Why does Roy Keane say feckin

  • Ibrahim N
    Ibrahim N Month ago +1

    1 way to fix Man Utd Sign Bruno Fernandes Man Utd are back

  • Agent Midas
    Agent Midas Month ago +1

    Sign Bruno Fernandes
    Oh, it was done

  • An Thai Pham (An)
    An Thai Pham (An) Month ago


  • Fabb 17 Gallego
    Fabb 17 Gallego Month ago +2

    Klopp: Dont worry, We got Adrian
    Atleti eliminates Liverpool out of the UCL With Adrian going full Karius
    Klopp: Why didnt you killed him defintely Roy, WHYYYY?

  • Lucas Mendis
    Lucas Mendis Month ago +1

    SELL Jones he is a muuurrrriiingg idiot

  • Musa
    Musa Month ago

    Lol 😂

  • Tom Krys
    Tom Krys Month ago +1

    Turns out the only thing they needed to do was sign Bruno Fernandez

  • Mark Mccaughey
    Mark Mccaughey Month ago

    United fans slag me all you want your best players are your worst players

  • Nandhini Bharath
    Nandhini Bharath Month ago +2

    But rashford is world class

  • Milo
    Milo Month ago

    Seeing the second way now surely pep will take all 3

  • Adnan Ahmed
    Adnan Ahmed Month ago

    What the they’re best players in man united

  • Redbeard
    Redbeard Month ago

    mansixthter unishite

  • Charlie Griffin
    Charlie Griffin Month ago +1

    When Juergen said Adrian is good just think about Adrian playing against Atlético Madrid lol 😂

  • Bendy!
    Bendy! 2 months ago

    *the old andrew Robertson the one that has a spear* hey Roy that’s my role 2:24

  • Shahan Hussain
    Shahan Hussain 2 months ago

    1. Bring in Bruno
    2. Bring in. Bruno
    3.bring in Bruno
    4.bring in Bruno
    5.bring in bruno

  • Top Scorer
    Top Scorer 2 months ago +1

    You forgot the last one that actually worked...

    Sign Bruno Fernandes

  • Niklas Peltoniemi
    Niklas Peltoniemi 2 months ago

    This did not age well
    Fred and rashford are our keyplayers now (if rashford was still fit)

  • Viktor Krusharski
    Viktor Krusharski 2 months ago

    Or buy just Bruno Fernandes 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Rylan Morgan
    Rylan Morgan 2 months ago

    Man United are the best team now

  • Riles
    Riles 2 months ago

    I mean ighalo is better

  • Hamza Raza
    Hamza Raza 2 months ago

    Liverpool best

  • Hamza Raza
    Hamza Raza 2 months ago

    Boooo Manchester United

  • Billy BigRooT
    Billy BigRooT 2 months ago

    Harry slab head Maguire

  • MUFC 1
    MUFC 1 2 months ago

    Hi look at united now MUFC PREMERLEAGE CHAMOIONS

  • Nadia Noreen
    Nadia Noreen 2 months ago

    i hate the end 442oons are mean to man u i’m man u fan

  • MCihail
    MCihail 2 months ago +1

    I guess they've chosen first way with Odion Ighalo.

  • Damian Richards-Clarke
    Damian Richards-Clarke 2 months ago

    Man Utd suck anyway

  • Ruben McCammon
    Ruben McCammon 2 months ago +2

    Or Bruno Fernandez

    I AM CRAZY GAMEZ 2 months ago

    If roy or eric cantona still in this team i believe all mu player will play football much better or get another angry by this two crazy player ever specialist to eric had kung fu kick.

  • Galactic Vain
    Galactic Vain 2 months ago

    Or sign Ighalo

  • Dhilan Mohanlal
    Dhilan Mohanlal 2 months ago +134

    Klopp: don't worry we still have Adrian
    Adrian: makes 2 mistakes in the champions so Madrid go through to quarter-finals

    • gacha Gamer
      gacha Gamer Month ago

      @JAMES FARMER lets make this simple BE REALISTIC

    • Pikachu
      Pikachu Month ago

      JAMES FARMER lmao, let the stats speak for themselves. Liverpool have won the past (god I don’t even know) games

      JAMES FARMER 2 months ago +2

      United can fresh Liverpool 21 0

  • HBomb 08XD
    HBomb 08XD 2 months ago +1

    It’s funny how two of the three bad players in the vid are actually quite good now

  • Forazona747
    Forazona747 2 months ago +1

    2020 and United doesn't need to sack Ole

  • João Dinis Duarte
    João Dinis Duarte 2 months ago +5



  • Amer 261
    Amer 261 2 months ago +1

    2:22 well that aged well

  • badgertheman badger
    badgertheman badger 2 months ago +27

    Klopp: Adrian's headless body would still save more shots than de gea

    Adrian vs atletico madrid😂😂

  • isksk kdkia
    isksk kdkia 2 months ago


  • Iyad VDB
    Iyad VDB 2 months ago

    Sign Bruno frenandes

  • Páll Müller
    Páll Müller 2 months ago

    How to fix man utd buy bruno

  • Shane Nguyen
    Shane Nguyen 2 months ago +1

    Well it's fixed now thanks

  • Abdullah Hussain
    Abdullah Hussain 2 months ago +1

    2. How two of them transformed completely. Rashford and Fred.

  • Zander Greyling
    Zander Greyling 2 months ago +1

    This truly aged wonderfully😂

  • Lewisgg123
    Lewisgg123 2 months ago +1

    Here when rashford and Fred are probably the best players of the season

  • Hazem Eldelebshany
    Hazem Eldelebshany 2 months ago

    Sign Bruno Fernandes, lmao

  • Soma and Raunak Ganguly

    Now Klopp will repent 😆

  • Samuel Watson
    Samuel Watson 3 months ago

    Hire Alex Ferguson back as manager

  • PunyPurpleGalaxyツ
    PunyPurpleGalaxyツ 3 months ago +1

    Klopp watching corner taken quickly LMAO

  • Savannah Keast- Marriott

    We won 5/0 against club bruuge

  • Savannah Keast- Marriott


  • Savannah Keast- Marriott

    Im a Man Utd fan

  • Rayne Wesley
    Rayne Wesley 3 months ago

    Adrian's corpse will still save Martial's 🤣🤣💔I feel offended

  • Emefa Highly
    Emefa Highly 3 months ago

    Stop laughing klopp

  • Pavel Stanev
    Pavel Stanev 3 months ago

    2019:Klopp laughs at Rashford
    2020:Liverpool want Rashford

  • Stephen Spiers
    Stephen Spiers 3 months ago

    Man city are better than Man United.💩💩💩

  • Footie Review
    Footie Review 3 months ago

    City banned
    Pep joins PSG
    PSG banned

  • Footie Review
    Footie Review 3 months ago

    Pep=Neymar Jr

  • Emefa Highly
    Emefa Highly 3 months ago

    Don't say sack.

  • Emefa Highly
    Emefa Highly 3 months ago

    Don't hit Liverpool Ryan giggs

  • Emefa Highly
    Emefa Highly 3 months ago

    Don't laugh klopp.

  • Emefa Highly
    Emefa Highly 3 months ago

    Don't do that zlatan.

  • Mfitumukiza Innocent
    Mfitumukiza Innocent 3 months ago

    Look pogba is better than your dumbass video even i like it stop insont pogba

  • Emefa Highly
    Emefa Highly 3 months ago

    When where they injured

  • Emefa Highly
    Emefa Highly 3 months ago

    The striker is zlatan

  • TobyTube
    TobyTube 3 months ago

    2:13 Anyone notice Sadio Mane’s Cut

  • Emefa Highly
    Emefa Highly 3 months ago

    Don't say sack

  • Emefa Highly
    Emefa Highly 3 months ago

    Don't hit Liverpool Ryan giggs

  • Emefa Highly
    Emefa Highly 3 months ago

    Stop laughing klopp

  • Emefa Highly
    Emefa Highly 3 months ago

    Like zlatan

  • Fusionz 09
    Fusionz 09 3 months ago

    How is Rashford bad

    • luisxindria
      luisxindria 3 months ago

      Because if rashford scores: rashford is the mancunian pele
      If rashford doesn't score: rashford is not an actual striker

  • Andro
    Andro 3 months ago

    How many for dajan lovren😂

  • Mohamed Show
    Mohamed Show 3 months ago

    Bring back Sir Alex Feregson

  • swapnil kankute
    swapnil kankute 3 months ago

    Seriously if they go unbeaten it will be unfair because of the shit refereeing and var

  • Duval In The Wall
    Duval In The Wall 3 months ago

    Dean is far too hard on Marcus Rashford
    Guy has been their best player by far this seaso

  • Mati d d plays
    Mati d d plays 3 months ago

  • Krazy Pizza
    Krazy Pizza 3 months ago

    It’s going to take Man United maybe six years or five years to get back winning trophies because we are in debt at the moment

  • Manchester United
    Manchester United 3 months ago

    Only way to fix United is to get new owners, Glazers have stolen more money from United than any other club in history.

  • john gordon
    john gordon 4 months ago

    What makes this even funnier is so near the truth!

  • Colts 2010s
    Colts 2010s 4 months ago +1

    ‘I’ll take Phil Jones “ and he sounds like Phil Jones

  • David Radovic
    David Radovic 4 months ago

    who is here after jose and moyes got spurs and west ham job

  • V V
    V V 4 months ago

    I freaked out after I saw Van Gaal

  • Maestrosity Gaming
    Maestrosity Gaming 4 months ago

    6)Sign(ed) Bruno Fernandes

  • Gidey Kedanemariam
    Gidey Kedanemariam 4 months ago

    Stupid ole

  • BeanTaz 20
    BeanTaz 20 4 months ago +1

    #6: Spend enough money to make Pep be in awe.