Bouncy PG Markell Johnson Officially Reclasses to 2016 | Junior Season 3CH Mixtape

  • Check out these highlights of North Carolina State freshman point guard Markell Johnson. Johnson was selected as Ohio's Division II Player of the Year while averaging 31.6 PPG, 7.4 RPG, 6.8 APG and 3.5 SPG for the Scarabs.

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  • Quason Million
    Quason Million 2 years ago +1

    Played against this guy everyday in school .. good to see somebody do something great !

  • Jordan Hooks
    Jordan Hooks 3 years ago +1

    Move at 1:14 is a great move… is it legal?

    • S7vnteen
      S7vnteen 3 years ago

      Jordan Hooks yes it's legal as long as you pick up the ball when it goes above your head. it kinda is like kyries windmill move in the lane.

  • Jan Antipuesto
    Jan Antipuesto 3 years ago +2

    That Westbrook type of game. Savage

  • cordey 517
    cordey 517 3 years ago +1

    those are some insane stats for a PG

  • Brent Moretz
    Brent Moretz 3 years ago

    Marvell Johnson will be a great player for NC STATE to have he can block shots to improve their defense and he can dunk too really good.

  • letsgocanes123
    letsgocanes123 3 years ago +2

    Rodney purvis

  • GeniusesneedLOVEtoo
    GeniusesneedLOVEtoo 3 years ago +2

    welcome to WPN

  • Phil Davis
    Phil Davis 3 years ago +1

    why would he not go to
    the Ville?

  • KO Zippio
    KO Zippio 3 years ago +7

    WOLFPACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME!!!

  • J
    J 3 years ago +4

    looks like meek mill

  • S. O'Dell
    S. O'Dell 3 years ago +2

    Kansas should make a late push for this kid. They could use another pg

    • Andrew Key
      Andrew Key 3 years ago +3

      hahaha who's laughing now #WPN #GOPACK

    • S. O'Dell
      S. O'Dell 3 years ago

      @KO Zippio I doubt that. NC State=Irrelevant

    • KO Zippio
      KO Zippio 3 years ago

      well our freshman PG Dennis Smith has been taking your Sr PG to school in the Adidas we will see. So fuck the Gayhawks

    • S. O'Dell
      S. O'Dell 3 years ago

      +KO Zippio KU would kick NC States ass. We have 2 Great pgs. I just wanted to add another incase of injury. The only team in the ACC that can compete with KU year to year is Duke.

    • XTC2525
      XTC2525 3 years ago

      +KO Zippio no we have the best point guard and one of the best point guards :)

  • MJ
    MJ 4 years ago +3

    wheres his eastbay?

  • antonio mcqueen
    antonio mcqueen 4 years ago


  • antonio mcqueen
    antonio mcqueen 4 years ago


  • Phil Davis
    Phil Davis 4 years ago +1

    He's Going To The Ville
    Reclassifying to 2016..were
    Else Would u go U will be a star
    ..#yumcenter ..Who Got my back.

    • Jack Hanley
      Jack Hanley 3 years ago +1

      you right phil fuck louisville

    • SportsFan03
      SportsFan03 3 years ago +2

      NC State

    • Colby G
      Colby G 3 years ago +1

      markell doesn't have ur back. he'll tear up UofL in the Yum Center though

  • King Quel
    King Quel 4 years ago +1

    Kid Nice

  • Dontavious Winston
    Dontavious Winston 4 years ago


  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams 4 years ago +4

    Future pro

  • TheOm459
    TheOm459 4 years ago +1

    he reminds me more of steve francis

    • The Weather Guy
      The Weather Guy 2 years ago

      TheOm459 Lmao NC State has had a few of them Dennis Smith jr and now Markell tf what’s up with that 😂

  • NOAHN music
    NOAHN music 4 years ago +2